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Chapter 7: The Shine of Countless Suns

The mind stops the flow of your juices. The mind is always interested in the other. Whenever the mind stops, your interest in others disappears and you immediately fall back to your own original source. And the stream of juices is there. Raso vai sah - in the divine is rasa, the juice.

The Upanishads say: The divine is rasa. You are made of this same stuff, this juice. The whole universe is made of the divine. From the pebbles and stones on the earth to the moon and stars in the sky, from the body to the soul - everything is made of the divine. The Upanishads say: The divine is rasa, the juice. So we are all made of rasa; rasa is our self-nature. Once we begin to recognize ourselves there will be nothing but happiness.

Religion means knowing oneself. The world is the search for happiness in the other, religion is the search for happiness in oneself. No one has ever found happiness in the world. Those who have found happiness are the people who went within themselves - a Buddha, a Kabir, a Krishna, a Christ. Whenever someone found happiness in this world, it has been, without exception, for one reason alone: that the person has entered into himself. What method he used to do this may vary. Some have gone through dancing, some through music, some by the use of a mantra, some through tantra, some through devotion, some through meditation. But whatever means was used, it was only a means.

You have come here. Some have come by train, some by plane, some by car, some on foot. Maybe one person rode a horse and another came in a bullock cart. It makes no difference how you came here - you have arrived. The moment you arrive, how you came becomes unimportant. Some rode on their devotion, journeying through love; some rode on their knowledge, journeying through meditation - but it makes no difference. These are all means, means to awaken your self- remembrance within you.

Dry branches, dry leaves,
What kind of a tree is this?
The heart yearns,
Not finding the playful touch
Of the breeze of love.

Your life is like this:

Dry branches, dry leaves,
What kind of a tree is this?

Everything in you is dry because you are looking for the juice elsewhere, outside yourself. The juice comes from your very roots, it flows from your source. And you have completely forgotten your source - that is why you are dried up. You go on looking for something in the world, but you will not find anything. On attaining to the one, to your source, you will find everything.

Said the master to Daya:
Take the vow of the tortoise,
Withdraw your senses,
And bring awareness to your breath.

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