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Chapter 41: Times of Crisis Are Just Golden

It is almost like a situation in a jail when the doors are open, the guards have disappeared and the jailer is nowhere to be found. The people who have some sense, some intelligence, will use it for freedom. But those who have become so enslaved that they cannot think of freedom - imprisonment has become their home - they will simply panic, “What is going to happen today? No guards? No jailer? The doors are open! Who will take care of us? Who will provide food for us?”

There will be people whose slavery has penetrated to their very soul; these people will go berserk. But the people who were always in search of a moment when they can escape from the prison will be immensely happy. This was the time they have been waiting and praying for. They will escape out of the prison into the open sky. Going beyond the mind is going into the open sky, full of stars, the moon, the sun, the immensity of it.. It becomes yours; the whole existence becomes yours.

The mind is a small cage.

So moments of crisis are both.and that is what is happening all around the world. There has never been so intense a search for spiritual growth, for meditation. But there has never been so much madness either. Both are happening because the status quo is no longer powerful; it has lost control.

When Galileo found that the earth moves around the sun, not vice versa as the Bible says, the pope asked him to be present in his court. Many things happened that day. One was very important. Galileo asked, “What does it matter if one statement in the Bible is proved wrong? It does not prove the whole Bible wrong. I am a devout Christian, a practicing Christian, and I don’t see the point that if one statement is wrong that it makes any difference.”

But the pope said, “You don’t understand” - and the pope was right. He said, “When one statement is proved wrong, then thousands of problems will arise. One - that God can be wrong. And if he is wrong about one statement, what is the certainty about other statements?” Just one brick taken out of the palace, and the whole palace may collapse.

“I cannot allow,” the pope said, “any statement in the Bible to be wrong.”

His argument is significant. Today not only one thing about the old mind, the old society, is wrong, but so many things are wrong that it needs an absolute idiot to still believe in it. Just a little intelligence and it is impossible to be part of the old mind. It has lost credibility - and not in one place, but all over the world. There are different kinds of old traditions, but they all have come to a point where so many things are scientifically proved wrong.

You will be surprised to know:

One Jaina monk had come to see me; he had collected millions of rupees to make a lab to prove that man has not reached the moon. He wanted my support, that I should be the director of his lab. He would give any finance that was needed, but it had to be proved that no man has stepped on the moon.

I said, “Why are you so much worried about it?”

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