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Chapter 4: The Good Wife

I have not come across a truth which has not got some lie in it. Neither have I come across a lie which is not true in a certain sense. Lies have fragments of truth in them, that’s why they work; otherwise, how can a lie work? Why are people such liars? A lie has a fragment of truth in it. You cannot invent an absolute lie, impossible. And you cannot talk about the absolute truth - that too is impossible. That’s why a Lao Tzu goes on saying: If you speak, you have already entered into the world of lies. The truth cannot be said. The moment you say it, a fragment of it is bound to be a lie.

Existence is not divided into either-or. It has no duality; it is one energy flowing from this end to that. Both banks of the river are joined together underneath; they are part of one land. They appear to you to be two because you have not entered the river and you have never gone to the very bottom. The banks are not two, they belong to one land. But for the river to flow, they appear to be two. Existence is just like the two banks meeting underneath, and mind is just looking at the surface. So mind says, “I am at this bank and you are at that. You are against me. If you are a friend then you are on this bank with me; you are an enemy if you are on that bank.” But both banks belong to one earth.

The mind cannot see so deeply. The mind is the phenomenon on the surface - hence dualities. Existence is one, it cannot be otherwise. There are not two existences, only one exists, but because of the rhythm you are alive.

You inhale and exhale: that inhalation and exhalation becomes like two banks for your river to flow - but you are neither. The breath comes in, the breath goes out; it gives a rhythm - two banks. And that rhythm is beautiful if you are not stuck to some extreme. Even in breathing, the mind is always choosing. Rarely does it happen that you can see a person who exhales and inhales equally - rarely. If you come to a point where you can exhale and inhale and remain just in the middle, you will attain to enlightenment. As you are you only inhale, you never exhale. The body exhales and forces the air out - you again inhale. Just watch your breathing: you pay more attention to inhalation; you go on inhaling. Exhalation is just left to the body. The body throws air out; you inhale again, because deep down you think that inhalation is life and exhalation is death. In a way it is true, because the first thing a child does after birth is to inhale.

Life starts functioning with inhalation. Hence, you identify life with inhalation. And the last thing a man who is going to die will do will be to exhale. You cannot die with inhalation, can you? You cannot die inhaling, you will have to die exhaling. So deep down the unconscious feels that exhalation is death and inhalation is life. You cling to inhalation. And if you cling to one pole you will become a mind. Exhale, inhale - remain in the middle and don’t choose. Don’t choose. Don’t choose between the opposites - remain in the middle, because if you choose between opposites you become unbalanced. Imbalance is neurosis.

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