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Chapter 1: Miracles Are Bound to Happen

All the religions have been enemies of mankind for the simple reason that they have divided the mundane from the sacred. Rather than bridging them, they have been continuously conditioning the human mind that they are opposites, enemies, and you have to renounce one if you want to get the other.

If you want victory and success in the mundane world, you have to forget about the sacred completely. And to forget it, the best way is to deny it - it does not exist at all. Otherwise, how will you forget it? It will always remain somewhere in the corner, nagging you.

Just the other day, I was informed that in the Soviet Union - atheism is their religion - every child has to be conditioned from the very beginning in atheism. It is not different, it is the same: somewhere it is the Catholic religion, somewhere it is Protestant, somewhere it is Hindu, somewhere it is Buddhist. In the Soviet Union, it is atheist. Somewhere it is God, somewhere it is no God. But the society never leaves you anywhere to search for yourself. It gives you ready-made answers. And in life, ready-made answers are not only futile, not only poisonous, but almost murderous.

The information was about many countries within the Soviet Union which are Mohammedan - used to be Mohammedan. Now, officially they are all atheists. But they have not forgotten; something of the sacred still lingers - even against the whole propaganda machine of the Soviet Union, which is one of the most efficient, dictatorial, which allows no criticism, no freedom of thinking.

Those Mohammedans have to pretend that they are atheists. But in Mohammedanism, five prayers are prescribed every day - from morning till you to go bed. It is very difficult in the Soviet Union to do five prayers. They have changed the name of the five prayers; they don’t call it prayer, they call it physical exercise. Five times every day.it is good for the body and for the mind. They cannot mention the soul.

Sixty or seventy years of continuous propaganda, conditioning - but the sacred is just standing by. And thousands of years of conditioning all over the world against the mundane, but the mundane has not disappeared. In India, they even reached to the extreme - they have been preaching for almost two thousand years that the mundane world does not exist; it is maya, it is illusion, it only appears.

I was staying with a shankaracharya, and he was discussing the illusoriness of the world. I told him, “There is no need to argue. You just pass through the wall. Don’t go through the door. And it will be enough; I will be convinced and I will remain your devotee for my whole life.”

He said, “Go through the wall? What kind of argument is this?”

I said, “It is not a question of argument. It will simply prove whether the wall is real or illusory.”

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