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Chapter 6: The Passion for the Impossible

Philosophy is a mess; it is just pure speculation. One sits and thinks without experimenting, without experiencing, and only experience or experiment is conclusive. Experiment is conclusive about the objective world - that which exists opposite to you, the other; and religion is experience, experiment of the inner, of the subjective - that which you are. Both are conclusive. Philosophy is inconclusive, it is an endless game. But philosophers can say beautiful things. In fact, only they can say beautiful things. Philosophers can afford to say beautiful things, but they are only sayings. They may have a certain poetry, those statements, but they don’t have any reality, any truth. Yes, those statements can be beautiful, they can have a logical consistency, a logical harmony, but they don’t relate to reality at all. They are all false.

There is nothing to choose between one philosophy and another - all philosophies are false. The philosopher is one who has got stuck with the mind.

Man has three layers: first, the body; second, the mind; third, the soul. This has to be understood. The soul is a reality, so is the body a reality. Mind is nothing but a bridge between the two; in itself it has no value. A bridge has no value in itself. It has value only because it bridges the two banks. It has no intrinsic value. The banks can exist without the bridge, but the bridge cannot exist without the banks. It is just a utility, a means. Mind is where soul and body overlap. Where body and soul overlap, a new kind of illusory reality is created. That reality is mind.

Science trusts in the body, religion trusts in the soul, philosophy goes on trusting in the mind; it is a mind game. And remember, when you are totally in your body, mind disappears. Or when you are totally in the soul, mind disappears. If you are making love and you are totally in the body, for a few moments there is no mind. You are so totally involved in the reality of the body that the mind cannot exist. Or, if you are deep in meditation, absolutely in, then the mind disappears. Reality is always a no-mind thing; whether you are in the body or in the soul doesn’t matter, reality is always a no-mind thing. Mind is maya, illusion.

You must have heard the often-repeated statement of Vedanta that the world is illusion. That is not exactly right - because by -world- you understand the world of objects. When Vedanta says the world is illusory, what it means exactly is that the mind is illusory. The mind is the world. That is where you live, your world. You don’t live in the reality, in the real world, you live in thoughts, desires, fantasies, imaginations. You live in a mind world. That mind is maya; it is a magical thing. Nothing really exists - it is almost like a dream.

Every night you dream and when you are dreaming you think that the dream is real. How many times have you been deceived by the dream? When are you going to understand that the dream is not real? And every day, when you awake in the morning, you know it was not real. And again you sleep and you dream and again it becomes real. When you are asleep the dream appears to be real. The dream appears to be real in the same proportion as you are asleep. If you become a little alert then the mind is no longer real and the dream is no longer real.

When one becomes perfectly awakened, when one becomes a buddha, then the mind is no longer real. The morning has come. You have become awakened. That is the meaning of the word buddha - one who has awakened. Now the body is real, now the soul is real, but mind has disappeared. Mind is a twilight phenomenon.

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