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Chapter 4: Even Angels Don’t Sing All the Time

So religion is not concerned with the details of the mind. An essential understanding of the functioning of the mind will do. If you go into details there is no end to it. Religion also studies dream, but just to make you awake, that’s all. Dream itself is not the concern. It does not go deep into the dreaming structure, and it does not go ad infinitum analyzing dreams. It simply tries to find the essential structure of the dream in order to transcend it, so you can become a witness. It is totally different.

For example, if I give you a seed of a beautiful tree and you become too much concerned with the seed and you try to understand it, and you dissect it, and you go on and on trying to understand and dissect, and dissect more - the chemical structure, the physical structure, the atomic structure, the electrons, the neutrons - and you go on and on, you completely forget that the seed was meant only to become a tree.

And howsoever deep your dissection, by dissecting a seed you are never going to come to the tree. You will come to the atomic structure of the seed, you will come to the chemical structure of the seed; you may come to the electrical structure of the seed, but that has nothing to do with the tree. And the more you dissect the seed, the farther away you are from the tree. Your dissection is not going to bloom. Your dissection is not going to spread its fragrance. And one day, if you have dissected it too much and then you put it in the soil, it won’t sprout. It is already dead. In dissection you killed it, you murdered it.

Psychology is interested in mind just like you being too much obsessed with the seed. Religion is also interested in the seed, but not for itself - interested in the seed because it carries in it a potentiality, a possibility of becoming a beautiful tree, a possibility of blossoms, a possibility of fragrance, a possibility of song and dance, a possibility that many birds can come and make their nests on it and many travelers can rest under its shade. But the concern is not the seed - the concern is the tree.

I hope you can see the difference. Religion’s concern about the mind is only as a stepping-stone. The mind has to be understood because we are entangled in it. Let us take another example.

You are thrown in a jail, in a prison cell. The religious person tries to understand the structure of the jail only to find out ways how to escape from it. Is there a gutter that can be used to escape? Is there a stupid guard who can be befooled? Is there a window which can be broken? Is there a wall you can climb over? Is there a right moment when guards change and the gap exists? Is there a right time in the night when guards fall asleep? Or are there other prisoners who are also interested in getting out of the prison, so you can be together and help each other? - because climbing alone may be difficult, getting out of it alone may be difficult. A group can be created and the group can become a power. You try to understand the structure of the jail just to get out of it.

But if you get too much interested in it and you completely forget the goal, and you go on studying the jail - the walls and the warden and the prisoners and the guards, and you go on making maps about the structure - then it is stupid. Modern psychology is a little stupid.

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