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Chapter 12: This Is Not Kaaba

If it comes from Lieh Tzu, it will have tremendous significance. If it comes from Buddha, it will have tremendous significance. But it comes from a pundit - it is meaningless, remember it always. It is much more important who has made the statement, than the statement itself. You can repeat the words of Jesus exactly, but you are repeating them. Your parrot can be taught to repeat the exact words of Jesus, Mohammed.but what will it mean? The parrot repeating - it is an empty gesture, there is nothing inside the parrot; it is mechanical. But when Jesus said those words they were coming from his heart he was not repeating, he was not imitating - they were authentic, they were true.

Truth means that which comes from your own experience, arises out of your own experience; is part of your life, part of your blood, bones, marrow, circulates in your being; you breathe it in and out. Then, remember always, the statement in itself does not mean much, but from whom it comes. Sometimes you will be surprised listening to me: if Lao Tzu says the thing I will support it, if Confucius says it I will criticize it. The same thing! The same words! If Socrates says it I will support it, if Aristotle says it I will condemn it. And you will be surprised, you will think that this is not fair, but try to understand me. I look into the person, not into the statement. I look into the being, into the experience, into knowing. What a person says is not very relevant.what he is, the being is relevant, not knowledge.

So, I can concede that he was a Taoist and beautiful too, but all imitation; no real diamonds - artificial. Artificial diamonds also can be beautiful - at least, they can appear beautiful. Flowers of plastic can look beautiful, they can be made in such a way that they can attract you, but they are not real. There is deception, fraud.

The second thing: you ask “Perhaps not reached the ocean, but on the way?”

Then you have not understood me.whatsoever I have been saying here. Tao is a pathless path. What does it mean? It means that the way and the goal are one; if you are on the way, you have arrived. That is the beauty of Tao: If you are on the way, you have arrived home.because the way and the goal are not separate, the journey and the destiny are not separate - the journey itself is the goal. That is the meaning of the word “Tao.” Tao means the way: the way itself is the goal. the means is the end, there is no other end.

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