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Chapter 8: Realize the Fruits

Understand it this way. If music is playing and you try to listen through your eyes, you will never be able to listen to it - in fact you will be unaware of its very presence. Eyes can see, so through the eyes you can know forms; but the eyes cannot hear so you cannot be aware of sound through them. Ears can hear but cannot see. But if somebody tries to see through the ears he will say, “There is no form in the world.” Ears can catch only sound. A medium can know only what it is sensitive to.

Mind is change. Mind’s nature is change, flow. Mind can come to terms with the changing but it is never able to know the unchanging. So those who set out in search of the universal soul through the mind will, sooner or later, turn atheist. If they do not turn atheist, it only means that they are not courageous enough to fully accept what their mind is telling them. But a man working through the mind just cannot be a theist. His theism will be as false as the claim of a deaf man to have heard music through his eyes, or as the claim of a blind man to have seen beauty or light with his ears. The theism of a person functioning through mind will be as false as these.

So there are so many theists in the world, but it is very difficult to find a real theist. You too, if you manage to bring trust, it is coming through your mind; you are bringing it through calculated thinking. Through thinking, nobody can ever be a theist; and if he is he will be a false theist.

If one wants to become a theist through thinking, only atheism will come. Try hard to understand this - because the very medium of mind is incapable of grasping the unchangeable. It is another matter to deceive oneself. Just think about your theism: you believe in God, but it is a calculated entity, it is brought out of your logic, guessing, thinking, scriptures, traditions and doctrines. Such a god is not real and such a god only tells about your dishonesty, because God can never be born out of mind.

In this world, ninety-nine percent of the people called theists are hidden atheists. There is no strength in their theism, it is spineless, it is impotent. Only a slight hit and their theism will wither away. It has no inner root. One becomes a theist only if one sees the world directly, putting the mind aside. Then it is not the world that is seen, because with the removal of the mind that which is changing cannot be seen. When on removal of the mind the consciousness sees the world, it can relate only to that which is unchanging.

Consciousness is eternal, it is unchanging. Consciousness falls in tune only with that which is eternal. What is seen on the removal of the mind is the supreme self; what is seen when bringing the mind in is the world. Let us define it this way - that those who have known existence without the mind have said, “There is nothing but the supreme self.” And those who have known existence through mind have said, “There is everything except the supreme self.”

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