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Chapter 4: Until the Hour of Separation

And this is my position too - of course, more difficult than Almustafa’s. Almustafa cannot be jailed, Almustafa cannot be poisoned, Almustafa cannot be shot. Almustafa cannot be crucified, because Almustafa is just an idea. But even though he was the purest expression of the innermost experiences possible, he was not condemned. He was not stoned, but ignored - he is a dreamer.

But when the time of departure came and when his dream appeared as reality, everything changed.

And when he entered into the city all the people came to meet him.

All the people - without bothering about their ideologies, theologies, philosophies; without their trivial differences. This was not a time to lose. They forget that they are Mohammedans or Christians or Jews. The man is going. And what he has been saying for twelve years and nobody has believed, is now a reality. Nobody can deny it.

.all the people came to meet him. And they were crying out to him as with one voice.

They have missed. He has lived amongst them for twelve years, and they could not recognize him. They went on finding faults with him and slowly, slowly they stopped bothering about him: “He talks nonsense - who has ever heard that a day comes when existence welcomes you? That a day comes when the whole existence dances because you have found the secret of life and death, you have found the golden key to the door of God.”

They were all crying out to him as with one voice. Alas, if they had laughed with him as one voice the world would have been a totally different place, a beauty unto itself - without wars, without conflicts, without discriminations. They cried together, but the time was lost.

If you are fortunate enough to find a master, don’t miss a single moment. Allow him to dance in you. Allow him to laugh through you, with one voice, and this very earth can become a paradise. It is just that we are blind and we cannot see it.

And the elders of the city stood forth and said.

These words go on echoing in my heart - songs of those days when humanity was innocent, when there were no nations and man was as free as birds of the sky. Just think of a bird, carrying a passport, a visa for six weeks!

Man was far more beautiful when he was less knowledgeable, and even more sincere, authentic, when he was as innocent as a child. We are living a very corrupted, polluted, prejudiced life. Now no elders come. Almustafa still happens, but instead of elders coming, police commissioners come - not to welcome but to serve a notice: “You have to leave this place within thirty minutes.”

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