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Chapter 6: The Inner Trinity

For theosophy, God is at the center: Krishna playing on his flute, and man is dancing the dance around him - the girlfriends, the gopis. Man is on the periphery, God is at the center. He turned the whole thing upside down: he put man in the center, man becomes the central thing. In the West man has remained the central thing. In the East man is peripheral.

Now, both efforts have failed because both are partial; man is both male and female together. It has to be so: you are born of a mother and a father - how can you be just man or just woman? Within your soul your mother continues to live, and your father too. And you have to be a deep harmony of the two.

I call that man religious who has come to a great harmony within his own self, the harmony between his mother and father. They are still quarreling within you, they are still fighting. It is not only that when you were a child your mother and father were fighting; they are still fighting in each of your cells.

So there are two possibilities: a man who is still in conflict and has not come to a deep understanding of his polarities; then he has to choose. Either he becomes an egoist if he chooses the man, the yang; or if he chooses the woman, if he chooses yin, the woman, then he becomes surrendered. But in both cases one part will suffer, the unchosen part will suffer, and you will never be whole. And how can you be holy if you are not whole? The part that is neglected, rejected, will take its revenge. The part that you have rejected will become your unconscious - the unconscious is nothing but the rejected part of your being.

There is a possibility in the future of a humanity where the unconscious will not exist. If we stop rejecting, the unconscious will disappear; man can become absolutely conscious. And that’s what we mean by a buddha, the awakened soul - it means that now there is no rejected part; you have absorbed your totality, you have accepted all your facets, you have become multidimensional. Now the polarity is no more in contradiction; it has become complementary. Your woman inside helps your man, your man inside helps the woman. They have fallen in love with each other, conflict has disappeared. They have become one, they are wedded together. This is the spiritual marriage, and only out of this marriage will you be born. Only out of this inner meeting of the contradictions will you be born.

This is the whole philosophy of the concept of the Trinity. The concept of the Trinity is beautiful and has many meanings: God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Of course, “the Holy Ghost” is not the right name - people who coined that must have been male chauvinists. Otherwise, “the Holy Ghost” is not right, but “the Mother” - the Father, the Mother and the Son. Then it is perfectly true, factual.

The father and the mother are in you; the son is still missing. Your father and mother have not met inside you; they have met outside you, so your body is created. When they meet inside you your soul will be created, the son will be born - and that is the birth of Christ.

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