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Chapter 2: Sanity Is Just Boring

Everything is connected together.it is part of one organic whole. We create problems by dividing things. Learn the art - not to divide, but simply to remain alert, watchful, enjoying whatsoever life provides.

You are here with me; you will be in Germany with me because my being with you is not a physical affair. It is a love affair which knows no distances of time, no distances of space. Wherever you are, you will find me. In whatever situation you are, you will find me. Just remember one thing: accept everything that life gives to you. If it gives you darkness, enjoy it - dance under the stars in the dark night, remembering that every night is nothing but a womb for a new dawn, and every day is going to rest again in the darkness of the night.

When it is fall and the trees become naked, and all the foliage falls down, just watch the old leaves flying in the wind in the forest, almost dancing. And the naked trees have a beauty of their own against the sky, but they are not going to remain naked forever. The old leaves have fallen just to give place for new leaves, new flowers.

Existence goes on renewing itself every moment. You should keep in tune with existence, never ask otherwise. That is the root cause of misery: when it is night, you cry for the day; when it is day, you cry for the rest of the night. Then life becomes a misery, a hell. You can make it a paradise by just accepting whatever is given to you with a grateful heart. Don’t judge whether it is good or bad. Your gratefulness will transform everything into a beautiful experience, and will deepen your awareness, will heighten your love, will make you a beautiful flower with great fragrance.

Just learn the art of total acceptance.

Gautam Buddha calls this the philosophy of thusness: whatever is, accept it as the nature of reality. Don’t even imagine to go against it. Never go against the current; just follow the river wherever it leads.

Two tramps sat with their backs against a tree. “You know, Jim,” the first tramp mused, “this business of tramping your way through life is not what it is cracked up to be - wandering, unwanted everywhere, sneered at by your fellow man.”

“Well,” observed the second tramp, “if that’s the way you feel about it, why don’t you go and find yourself a job?”

“What?” exclaimed his friend, “and admit that I’m a failure?”

Never admit that you are a failure. The secret of thusness, the secret of total acceptance, is the secret of absolute success; you cannot fail. There is no power anywhere that can make you a failure, because even in failure you will be dancing and rejoicing. Transform every opportunity into something creative and beautiful.

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