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Chapter 5: The Pure Mind

Since Patanjali, many have again worked and many have reached new corners of the world of Yoga, but Patanjali towers like an Everest. It seems almost impossible anybody will ever be able to tower higher than Patanjali - almost impossible, because this rare combination is impossible. To be a logician and to be a poet and to be a mystic, and not of ordinary talents. It is possible to be a logician, a great logician, and a very ordinary poet. You can be a great poet and a very ordinary logician, third-rate - that’s possible, that’s not very difficult. Patanjali is a genius logician, a genius poet, and a genius mystic: Aristotle, Kalidas, Tilopa all rolled into one - hence the appeal.

Try to understand Patanjali as deeply as possible, because he will help you. Zen masters won’t be of much help. You can enjoy them - beautiful phenomena. You can be awe-struck, you can be filled with wonder, but they won’t help you. Rarely will there be somebody able within you who can take courage and jump into the abyss. Patanjali will be of much help. He can become the very foundation of your being, and he can lead you, by and by. He understands you more than anybody else. He looks at you and he tries to speak the language that the last among you will be able to understand. He is not only a master, he is a great teacher also.

Educationists know that a great teacher is not one who can be understood only by the topmost few students in the class, just the first benchers, four or five in a class of fifty. He is not a great teacher. A great teacher is one who can be understood by the last benchers. Patanjali is not only a master, he is a teacher also.

Krishnamurti is a master; Tilopa is a master - but not teachers. They can be understood only by the topmost. This is the problem - the topmost need not understand. They can go on their own. Even without Krishnamurti they will move into the ocean and reach to the other shore, a few days sooner or later, that’s all. Patanjali is for the last benchers, who cannot move on their own. He starts from the lowest and he reaches to the highest. His help is for all. He is not for the chosen few.

Enough for today.