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Chapter 6: Grace Is Being Herenow

Whenever you are herenow, suddenly you will find tremendous grace, harmony, equilibrium, a melody in your being, a tranquillity - and a tranquillity that has not been forced from the outside, a tranquillity that is not part of any discipline, a tranquillity that is not quiescence, a tranquillity that is not a kind of managed stillness. If it is still managed, then it is not yet herenow. If by effort you have been keeping it there, then it is already past. Or, if by great desire you are holding it there, then it is already in the future. Only when there is no effort to maintain it, no desire to support it, unsupported by you, un-maintained, unmanaged by you, uncontrolled by you.it is simply there. It surrounds you like spontaneity, silence, benediction.then there is grace.

Grace has nothing to do with any time in particular.

“How may I live gracefully in time?”

Drop time-consciousness. Live in time, chronological time, but drop psychological time. Don’t hanker for the future. All that you need is available; nothing more is needed to be happy. Nothing more is needed to be in heaven. Heaven is just standing in front of you. Heaven is where you are. So don’t think that something else has to happen, then you will be happy. That is a way of postponing. Nothing is going to happen - all has already happened. God is already the case.

Start enjoying the God that is available to you. Drop psychological time and grace will enter in you.

“How may I live gracefully in time? In my times?”

There are no “my times”. The time that is destroying your grace is the same - always the same, and the same for everybody. It has no East, no West; it has no past, no future. The time that is disturbing you is the same disease - the disease of not being herenow. What should be done?

In fact, to ask the question that way is to ask a wrong question. Whatsoever you do will come out of the psychological mind, because you will do it to create grace. There will be a motive. So try to understand. Nothing can I can be done about it. Only understanding, just understand! No need to do anything positively for grace. Only one thing is needed to understand why you are missing grace - why you are missing; not how to attain.

The difference is tremendous. If you ask rightly, you ask, “Why am I miserable? Why am I missing it?” If you ask a wrong question, you ask, “How to attain it? How to become blissful?” You have moved wrongly. And they look almost the same. Linguistically they look almost the same - ‘why’ and ‘how’ - they look as if they are two aspects of the same coin. They are not.

When you ask “How?” you are asking for the future. Then rather than looking into the situation in which you are, you are creating a desire, an ideal, a goal - and that’s what psychological time is. You will be caught in the trap again. Now you will start looking “How to create grace?” And whatsoever you create will not be grace. At the most it can be just a pseudo-coin; at the most it can be just a face, a mask. It cannot be true; it cannot be authentic - because the authentic cannot be created by the mind. The authentic can only be allowed by the mind, but it cannot be created by the mind. The authentic comes on its own - you just give way, you don’t stand in the way.

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