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Chapter 31: The Festive Dimension

That means if you are suicidal, only then will God accept you: if you slowly, slowly commit suicide in the senses, in the body, in the mind, in the heart, and you go on destroying yourself. The more you succeed in destroying yourself, the more you will become beloved to God - this has been the whole teaching of the religions in the past, this has contaminated man’s being, poisoned man. These poisoners exploited man tremendously out of it. These religions of the past were death-oriented, not life-oriented.

What I am heralding is a life-oriented vision: love life in its multidimensionality because that is the only way to reach closer and closer to the ultimate truth. The ultimate truth is not far away, it is hidden in the immediate. The immediate is the ultimate, the immanent is the transcendent: God is not there but here, God is not that but this - and you are not unworthy, and you are not a sinner.

I am here to help you unburden all your guilt feelings. I am here to help you to start trusting yourself again. Once you start trusting your own being, no politician, no priest can exploit you. Man is always exploited through fear.

I have heard..

Once Mulla Nasruddin got lost in a jungle. The whole day he tried to find a way out, but he could not - tired, hungry, exhausted, bleeding, his clothes torn apart because the jungle was really thick and thorny - and it was getting darker, the sun was setting and the night was just about to come.

He’s an atheist, a confirmed atheist who had never prayed. But with the situation - the fear of the night and the wild animals - for the first time in his life he thought of God. He forgot all his arguments that he used to give against God. He knelt down on the ground and he said, “Dear Lord..” although he looked around, a little embarrassed, knowing perfectly well that there was nobody, but still embarrassed - the whole life’s philosophy of atheism!

But when fear knocks on the doors and when death is so close by, who bothers about logic, philosophies, isms? Who bothers about reason, argument? “Dear Lord,” he said, “please help me get out of these woods, and I will always worship you. I will even start going to the mosque. I will follow all the rituals of Islam. I promise you! Just save me. Forgive me. I apologize for all the things that I have been saying against you. I was a fool, an utter fool. Now I know you are.”

Just at that moment a bird passed overhead and dropped something right on his outspread hands. “Please Lord, don’t give me any of that shit. I’m really lost!”

When a man is in fear, even though he has been a lifelong atheist, he starts turning into a theist. Priests came to know about it, and then they used it down the ages: the whole past of humanity is fear ridden. And the greatest way to create fear is to make man feel guilty about natural things. He cannot drop them, and he cannot enjoy them because of the fear of hell, so he is in a double bind. That double bind is the base of man’s exploitation.

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