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Chapter 2: A Thousand Pound Sledge Hammer

Buddhists have given a special name for it, they have called it “Manjushree’s sword.” Manjushree was a great disciple of Buddha, he functioned as Buddha’s sword. Whenever Buddha saw that somebody needed a real shock he would be sent to Manjushree. Manjushree was really terrible! He would simply smash you. He would not allow any illusions. He was so hard in his hitting that the moment Buddha prescribed, “Go to Manjushree,” people would start trembling. Manjushree? That meant almost death. But Manjushree was really a great, compassionate Buddha and it became famous in Buddha’s time that whenever a disciple had really grown, Buddha sent him to Manjushree the butcher.

When you are older I hope that you will be capable of much more understanding. The day you are really old and you have come very close to me, I am going to cut your head off. And that has to be done so suddenly, so fast, that not even a drop of blood comes out. It has to be done very fast. But for that you have to become by and by more and more prepared.

The work of the master is not to console you. If you have come here for consolation you have come into the wrong company. Go somewhere else. If you have come for transformation only, then be here - otherwise I am not the person for you. I know your secret desires are not for transformation, your secret desires are for improvement. And improvement and transformation are just diametrically opposite. Improvement means that you remain the same but you become more and more rich, your ego becomes more and more decorated. You remain the same - whatsoever happens becomes a new layer on you but you remain the same. The new is an addition to you but you remain continuous with the old. You ale for improvement. You want to become beautiful, you want to become more blissful, you want to become more knowledgeable, you want to become a buddha - this and that. The buddha disease..

I am not here to improve upon you; if the base remains wrong all improvement is going to lead you into more and more trouble. The base has to be transformed; from the roots you have to be cut. Naturally it is going to be hard, arduous.

Just the other day I was telling you about the Hebrew word mariam, Jesus’ mother’s name. It means rebellion. It has another meaning also - both meanings are beautiful. One is “rebellion,” another is “arduous, hard.” The path is a razor’s edge. It is hard and arduous. Jesus comes through that arduous path, through Mariam - it is rebellious and arduous.

The greatest difficulty to be encountered is the ego. Ananda Prem asked the question and she must have been listening with the idea that I will decorate her ego a little bit here and there, will give her new enthusiasm. And I took away the very ground underneath her feet. That shocked her.

If you are one of the old around me, wait for many shocks. That’s the only way I can show my love to you.

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