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Chapter 10: Take the Risk

Another day they again approached him, because it became almost impossible to do anything in the town. The whole town was concerned about the tailor - Why has he become an atheist? So they made a deputation, and the shoemaker of the town, who was a little aggressive, became the leader. They came to the tailor’s shop, and the shoemaker went to him and asked. “Have you become an atheist?”

The tailor simply said. “Yes, I have become an atheist.”

They could not believe their ears. They were not hoping that he would give such an outright answer, so they said, “Then why did you remain quiet yesterday?”

He said, “What! What do you mean! Should I accept that I have become an atheist on the day of the Sabbath?”

Even if you become an atheist your old pattern continues.

I have heard about one atheist who was dying. The priest had come, and the priest said to the atheist, “Now this is time. Make peace with your God.”

The atheist opened his eyes, said, “Thank God that I am an atheist.”

It continues. You remain almost the same; only labels change.

Please, try to understand the ego. Don’t create a superego. Just try to understand what this ego is.

Ego is a separation from the whole: thinking of yourself that you are separate from the whole. It is just a thought, not a reality. Just a fiction, not a truth. It is just a dream that you have created around yourself. You are not separate from the whole. You cannot be, because once you are separate you cannot exist. Then the life energy goes on flowing in you whether you think you are separate or not. The whole doesn’t bother about it. It goes on feeding and nursing you. It goes on “fueling” you.

But your idea that you are separate creates many anxieties in its wake. Once you think you are separate from the whole, immediately, you create a division inside also. All that is natural in you becomes inferior - because it seems to belong to the whole. Sex becomes inferior because it seems to belong to the organic unity of the whole.

That’s why all religions go on condemning sex. And I say to you unless sex is totally accepted nobody can become really religious, because religion is the transformation of the same energy. It is not a denial; it is a deep acceptance. Yes, it is a transformation. But transformation comes through deep acceptance. Nature accepted becomes totally different. Nature denied, and everything goes sour and bitter in you; and then you create a hell.

The ego is always happy to condemn something because only by condemnation can you feel superior.

I was reading; it happened:

Once in a church, the vicar in the pulpit said, “Stand up all who sinned last week.” Half the congregation stood up. Then he said, “Stand up those who would have sinned if they had had the chance.” The remainder of the congregation stood up.

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