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Chapter 3: The Feel of It

And, you have the feeling already arising in you. You say, “If I think that I have a problem then I really do have one.” The moment you think, you create it; and once you have it you start looking for solutions. And who will look for solutions, and where? The mind will look for the solutions and in the mind. Do you see the absurdness of it all? It is like pulling yourself up by your shoestrings; it is not possible. Yes, mind will fabricate many solutions but they will be only superficial. The basic question will remain untouched and many more will arise, and it is a process.ad infinitum.

But it is good that you have the feeling - a vague feeling, of course. Mind you, I am saying feel, I am not saying that you have come to the right thought. No thought is ever right. I am telling you that you have come to a right feel. It is still vague, clouded.just like early morning: the sun has not yet risen, but it is no longer night either.

And you will have a little difficulty because this is the moment of transition. You will feel very vulnerable. You will feel almost split because you will not be in the night, you will not be in the day. You will be somewhere in between, on the way. Naturally a part of you will go on talking in the language of the night, and that is the older part and the major part. Just a small fragment of you will start speaking the language of the future, the language of the day, and you will find it is as if you have become two persons.

This period of transition is the most difficult period for every meditator - he starts falling apart. If you go to a psychologist he will say, “This is a breakdown.” And if your mind gets the idea that this is a breakdown, then of course it is. It is not a breakdown; it is a breakthrough but psychology still has no idea of the breakthrough. It will try to push you back into the old skin which you have left behind or are in the process of leaving behind. But that cannot be done, that is impossible.

Hence psychology, with all its different schools of psychoanalysis, psychosynthesis, gestalt, and so on and so forth.they are all groping in the dark because they are still unaware of the fact that a man can go beyond mind. There are psychologists like B. F. Skinner or Delgado who think man is just a behavior. It is another way of saying that man is nothing but physics, chemistry, physiology. Science is capable of explaining everything, nothing else is needed, man is a body and nothing more. And that is the major part of modern psychology, and that is the only psychology in the communist countries.

There are a few people who are striving to get a little beyond that, but they get caught into the subtle traps of the mind. Then they start thinking psychology is nothing but mind. Freud, Adler, Jung, they are all of the opinion that psychology is nothing but a concern with the mind, an inquiry into the mind.

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