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Chapter 5: Why Not Shoot Yourself?

He asked Jesus - these were his first words - “Please forgive me. Just give me permission for three days so that I can do the last rites and rituals. My father is dead. I have to go and fulfill my duty. If you permit me.” But he asks for permission. He does not say, “I am going,” he asks for permission. His father is dead; that is not that much important.

Jesus told him, “Forget all about it. You follow me. In the village there are so many dead people - they will bury the dead. You need not worry about it.”

And Andreas never looked back. The man who had come to call him simply stood there shocked, he could not believe his eyes.

This is trust. This quality has lost its hold on human consciousness. That’s why religion is only a word, God is only a hypothesis. People talk about God, philosophize about God, but nobody is ready to risk anything.

I remembered this poor fisherman’s story yesterday when I saw Rajen’s letter. He has written to me that his girlfriend has gone to the West and he cannot stay here without her. And he must have been afraid - I may say, “No need to go..” because by this time she must have found a boyfriend. There are so many boys in the West. If there were so many dead people in the village, what do you think? - there are not boys in the West? He must have been afraid - I may say there is no need to go, so he has written, “I am not asking for your permission to go, I am simply saying that I am going.”

When I was reading his letter I remembered Andreas. This is the gap between the innocent Andreas and a knowledgeable person of the twentieth century. Rajen is a knowledgeable person - a therapist and a good therapist. But it is easy to leave the master without his permission; it is difficult to live for a few weeks without the girlfriend. Priorities have changed.

Shih-kung was a hunter - not a therapist, not a businessman, otherwise he would have missed.

One friend is here from Nepal. A few days before I had answered his question. He asked me: can he also think of himself as an Osho, although he cannot take sannyas? Cannot he be an Osho without becoming a sannyasin? And what is the cause that is preventing him from becoming a sannyasin? He is afraid of his wife, because she is an orthodox Hindu and she will not be able to tolerate it. Such small things! But these are the ways of calculation; these are the ways how businessmen function. These are the ways how the Jewish mind functions. It is impossible for such a mind to attain to enlightenment.

Then there was this Jewish guy who was so cheap, he rode the subway during rush hour to get his clothes pressed.

And I have heard about another Jewish businessman: he was such a cheat that even the wool he used to pull on people’s eyes was half cotton.

It was good that Shih-kung was a hunter - a simple person, a simple life, running after wild animals. Must have been a wild man. That’s why this transmission became possible.

He strongly disliked Buddhist monks, who were against his profession.

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