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Chapter 9: My Empire Consists Only of Emperors

Who am I? Meditate over your question again and you will see the implication: why have you asked it? You may not have been aware that you were asking for approval. But if your state needs my approval, my certificate, it is not freedom.

The true disciple trusts, but has no resentment, because he trusts of his own accord. He is not being forced to trust. He loves because only love is left in him, he cannot do otherwise. He is free and independent because now he feels himself for the first time an integrated individual. He is no longer a beggar - he has become an emperor.

I want you all to be emperors.

The more you are independent of me, the more you can help me to continue to be in a fragile body. After enlightenment it is really difficult to remain in the body because the function of the body is finished.

You are born again and again into new forms, new bodies, only for one thing: because each time you go on missing the train. And existence is very compassionate. It will go on giving you new bodies, fresh bodies, and it trusts that sooner or later you will catch the train, you will become enlightened.

After enlightenment, nobody is born again. It is impossible. There is no way to be back in the cage. Experiencing the expanse of the whole sky, experiencing all the stars moving within you, sunrises within you, sunsets within you - all that is, is contained within you. Who would like to enter a cage and destroy the beautiful experience of continuous expansion?

After enlightenment nobody is born again. After enlightenment, to keep oneself in the body becomes more and more difficult. The reason is very simple. Enlightenment is exactly what the word means, as if a lightning has fallen upon you. Your being and your body are no longer bridged. You are in the body but your connections with the body are destroyed. That lightning destroyed all connections with the body.

The body is affected by gravitation, but when all connections with the body are destroyed you are no longer under the law of gravitation. There is another law which science perhaps may never be able to discover. But the scientist has to understand according to his own rules, that every law has its opposite law to balance it. Everything has its contradiction, to keep the balance of existence. The law of gravitation they have discovered, because it is an objective phenomenon, but they know nothing about the law of levitation.

The moment you are disconnected with the body, your body is under the law of gravitation being pulled down, and your being under the totally contradictory law of levitation - it is being pulled upwards. It becomes a tug-of-war. Hence most people die after enlightenment. There have been many enlightened people but very few masters, because just to be enlightened is not enough to be a master. You have to remain in the body, to have contacts, connections with other people who are in their bodies, who know only one law - the law of gravitation.

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