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Chapter 3: With Your Total Heart

If you have come here, that shows that you may believe you trust in Sai Baba but you don’t trust. You think you have surrendered, but your thinking is wrong, illusory. If you have surrendered then move to Sai Baba, open yourself to him so that he can work; then don’t go seeking here and there. I am ready to help, but for that you will have to be receptive. I cannot be aggressive to you, nobody can be. The very work is impossible with such aggression. If you trust me, something becomes possible. Then without any aggression the work starts. If you don’t trust, then I can only be violent to you, forcibly I have to open your eyes. That cannot be done. You cannot be forced into nirvana, you can only flow into it.

If you don’t trust my river, how can you flow with me? Then deep down you will be struggling; then you will be wasting your time, my time, and it is useless. So be clear about it. It may not only be the case with one man, it may be with many of you. Your heart belongs somewhere else? - then go there. Be wherever your heart is. If your heart is with me, only then is something possible; otherwise don’t waste your time and energy. This has to be understood clearly.

Your trust means that you are open. Your trust means that now you are ready to go into the unknown, into the uncharted. How can you move with me if you don’t trust me? And what you call me is insignificant to me, but not to you. Whether you call me Bhagwan or not, it is the same to me, but not the same to you, because your feeling will decide many things. If you cannot call anybody Bhagwan other than Sai Baba, then go to him, because then he is your temple, and only in his presence will you be transformed. And nothing is wrong in it.

But you have come here. That shows that the touch has not happened; you have not moved in deep, close intimacy. The relationship has not happened, the love has not happened. You can go on deceiving yourself. That will not be of much help. So be clear, analyze your own mind. If your heart is here, then there are possibilities. If your heart is not here, then go wherever your heart leads you.

I know you will have to come back, because you have been with Sai Baba, as you have said in this letter, and nothing has happened there. You are here, and I know that now you will move to some other teacher, and there you will say you have been with me and nothing has happened. And you are not here with me! Just physically being here doesn’t mean anything.

I know this must have been the case with Sai Baba also. You may have been there physically, as you are here, but it is not a question of physical presence, it is a question of inner opening. Then you may be on another planet and I can work. You are not needed to be here; space doesn’t mean anything, nor does time mean anything. You may be on another planet, you may be in another time, but if you are receptive you are here close to me. You may be just here, existing this very moment, but if your heart is not here then there is no possibility of any bridge.

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