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Chapter 6: This Cake Is Delicious

You go on keeping it in the heart, and you go on playing something which is not really there - you do something else, just the opposite. You may be angry but you smile. You may be hurt but you smile. You may be boiling within but you smile. You may want to scream but you go on singing. You may want to do something else but it is not feasible, it is not practical, it is not the right thing to do.

The society creates this persona, this mask around you, this personality.

There are three you’s in you. You One - that is the personality. The word personality comes from a Greek root, persona. In Greek drama they used to use masks, and the voice would come from the mask. “Sona” means voice, sound, and “per” means through the mask. The real face you don’t know - who the real actor is. There is a mask and through the mask comes the voice. It appears as if it is coming from the mask, and you don’t know the real face. The word personality is beautiful; it comes from Greek drama.

And that’s what has happened. In Greek drama they had only one mask. You have many; masks upon masks like layers of an onion. If you put one mask away there is another, if you put that away there is another. And you can go on digging and digging and you will be surprised how many faces you are carrying. How many! For lives you have been collecting them and they are all useful because you have to change many times. You are talking to your servant; you cannot have the same face that you have when you talk to your boss. And they may be both present in the room: when you look at the servant you have to use one mask and when you look at your boss you have to use another mask. You continuously change. It has almost become automatic - you need not change, it changes itself. You look at the boss and you are smiling. And you look at the servant and the smile disappears and you are hard - as hard as the boss is to you. When he looks at his boss, he smiles.

In a single moment you may be changing your face many times. One has to be very, very alert to know how many faces one has. Innumerable; they cannot be counted.

This is your first you, the false you - or call it the ego. It has been given to you by society, it is a gift from the society: from the politician and the priest and the parent and the pedagogue. They have given you many faces just to make your life smooth. They have taken away your truth; they have given you a substitute. And because of these substitute faces you don’t know who you are. You can’t know because the faces change so fast and they are so many, you cannot trust yourself. You don’t know exactly which face is yours: in fact none of these faces is yours.

And the Zen people say: Unless you know your original face you will not know what buddha is, because buddha is your original face. You were born as a buddha and you are living a lie.

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