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Chapter 13: Almost Ready to Steal the Truth

In Gautam Buddha’s life there is a small but very beautiful story..

He comes to a town - the whole town has gathered to listen to him - but he does not start speaking. People start becoming restless: “What is the matter? Everybody important in the town is present. Now for whom is he waiting?”

Finally, the chief of the village asks Gautam Buddha, “The whole village is here - why are you silent?”

And what Gautam Buddha said is worth remembering. He said, “Yes, I can see. Almost everybody is present, but the one girl for whom I have come to speak is not here. She has met me on the way. She has gone to give food to her father and she told me, ‘I will be coming, but don’t start unless I come.’ I have to wait; you need not. If you cannot, you need not. You can go home, but I have come only for her, because I know only she is ready to listen, ready to drink, ready to eat every word, absorb it - let it become her bones, her blood, her very heart. If you cannot wait, it will not be disrespectful to me. You can go.”

The people could not believe this. But the girl came running and Buddha said, “Now I can speak. She has come. I have come from the other village for this single girl. You are all getting the benefit without paying anything. She has paid for you all, because her love and her trust are so total that whenever I pass in this direction it is impossible not to come to this village. I start feeling hurt if I don’t come to this village. I hope one day I will be coming for you all.but you have to learn to love and trust.”

Truth is not something that can be taught to you, it is not something that can be told to you. It cannot be taught, but it can be caught. I cannot give it to you, but you can take it. If you are ready, if you are open, if you are willing, welcoming, that which cannot be said will be heard by you.

It is not in the words, but between the words.

It is not in the lines, but between the lines.

It is in the silent gaps that upanishad happens. So it all depends on you. If you are ready, it is happening for you; if you are not ready, it cannot be forced upon you. Truth can never be forced.

George Gurdjieff, one of the great masters of this age, used to say one thing which strikes people as very strange: “The disciple has to be almost ready to steal the truth from the master.” And he is right!

The master is ready to give it to you, but you are not ready to take it. And Gurdjieff said that you have to be ready to even steal it if it is needed. The master cannot trespass you, but you can trespass the master, because the master has nothing to lose.

Truth is not something that, if you take it, it is lost to the master.

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