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Chapter 1: Truth and Knowledge

All that has been said up to now, and all that will be said in the future, has nothing to do with truth. There is no way of expressing it. Truth is very elusive. You cannot catch hold of it in words. You cannot catch hold of it through the mind. Mind goes on missing it, because the very functioning of the mind is anti-truth. The functioning of the mind is non-existential: it functions in that which is not, either in the past or in the future. The past is no more, the future not yet, and the mind only functions either in the past or in the future. In the present there is no mind.

If you are herenow, suddenly you have slipped out of the mind. How can you think herenow? Thinking will take you away from the herenow. A single thought, and you are thousands of miles away from here and now. In the here and now there is no possibility, there is no space for thinking to arise.

Mind functions in the non-existential, in the fictitious, in the imaginary. Mind is a faculty of dreaming - it is a dream faculty. Truth is not known by mind; that’s why I say it is not known at all. Truth is felt by the heart, by your totality - by you, not by your head, by you as an organic unity. When you know truth, you know by the head and by the toes; you know by your bones and by your guts; you know by your heart and by your blood; you know it by your breathing - just by your very being. Truth is known by being.

That is the meaning when I say truth is felt. It is an experience.

I have heard:

A monk asked Joshu: “What is the buddha?”

“The one in the hall.”

The monk said, “The one in the hall is a statue, a lump of mud.”

Joshu said, “That is so.”

“What is the buddha, then?” asked the monk again.

“The one in the hall,” said Joshu.

Now what is this Joshu trying to do? He is saying: “Your question is absurd. Because you are asking an absurd question, I am answering it in an absurd way. Your question is stupid, and there can be no intelligent answer to a stupid question.” He is trying to show to this monk that the very question “what is the buddha?” is nonsense, because there is no way to say anything about the buddha. It is an awakening. It is an experience. It happens within you. You cannot read it through the scriptures, and you cannot ask those who have come to know it. The only way is: you have to go to it; you have to allow it to happen.

In the Buddhist terminology buddha is equivalent to truth. They don’t talk much about truth; they talk much more about buddha. That too is significant, because when you become a buddha - buddha means when you become awakened - truth is, so why talk about truth? Just ask what awakening is. Just ask what awareness is - because when you are aware, truth is there; when you are not aware, truth is not there.

So the basic and real question is about awareness. But that, too, cannot be asked and solved. One has to become aware - there is no other way.

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