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Chapter 35: A Realization

The light was fading, the full moon was setting slowly in the West with its cool, silent fading light; and in the East the new sun was rising with a light orange glow, silently bringing a new day, and with it a new journey. Beloved, beautiful Osho slowly slowly disappeared with a gentle smile and folded hands, leaving me in that gentle morning light with a heart full of gratitude and eyes full of tears.

Osho, I bow down to you, announcing to the world that Osho, the Buddha Lord Maitreya, is here and the flowers have showered. To date, masters have declared themselves, but today a disciple declares with gratitude that the master, the buddha, a real friend, has come with a new radiance to help all. Osho, I have nothing to offer - not even a flower - and yet I offer everything. Thus, something is given and something is taken.

Oh beloved sannyasins, devotees and friends who are present here, you are the blessed ones - to hear this declaration and witness this unique event. Oh sannyasins, rejoice, celebrate and sing, “Buddham sharanam gachchhami; sangham sharanam gachchhami; dhammam sharanam gachchhami.”

Osho, I was reluctant to write this to you, but something unknown forces me to write to you. I do not know whether this is right to do or not. Will you please comment on the event?

Govind Siddharth, it is not a question. It is a realization, and it is a declaration.

Whatever you have experienced was not a dream. Your whole life may have been a dream, but this experience is absolute reality. That’s why you felt an unknown force compelling you to declare it. You had to declare it - it is impossible to hide the truth.

It has not only happened to you alone; there are two other persons present here to whom the same experience has happened at the same time. They are also hesitating whether to declare it or not. The hesitation is natural, because the declaration is so big and you feel so small, but you cannot keep it within you. It is just like a pregnant woman - how long can she hide that she is pregnant? One day she is going to give birth to a child.

Every truth is a living experience. And the very nature of life is expression, expansion, declaration. Each flower declares it, each morning the sun declares it, each night millions of stars declare it. Of course their language of declaration is different - a flower declares it by its fragrance, the star declares it by its light, the moon declares it by its beauty.

But truth, beauty, good.these three - satyam, shivam, sundram - are the basic, the fundamental trinity of existence. You cannot hide them.

One feels embarrassed - how to say it? And to say it in a world which is skeptical, in a world where people are deaf as far as truth is concerned, where people are blind as far as beauty is concerned, where people don’t have hearts as far as feeling, sensitivity is concerned.one feels alone to declare such a thing.

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