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Chapter 6: Love and Happiness

I have said that love is God. This is the ultimate truth. But let me say as well that love also exists within the family unit. This is the first step on the journey to love, and the ultimate can never happen if the beginning has been absent. Love is responsible for the existence of the family and when the family unit moves apart and its members spread out into society, love increases and grows. When a man’s family has finally grown to incorporate all of mankind, his love becomes one with God.

Without love man is an individual, an ego. He has no family; he has no link with other people. This is gradual death. Life, on the other hand, is interrelation.

Love surpasses the duality of the ego. This alone is truth. The man who thirsts for truth must first develop his capacity to love - to the point where the difference between the lover and the beloved disappears and only love remains.

When the light of love is freed from the duality of lover and the beloved, when it is freed from the haze of seer and seen, when only the light of pure love shines brightly, that is freedom and liberation.

I urge all men to strive for that supreme freedom.

Do not say that you have been in prayer because that indicates you can also be out of prayer. The man who is out of prayer at any point can never have been in prayer at all. Prayer is not an activity you can move in and out of. Prayer is the perfection and the fullness of love.

To live is to live in God. To live in truth is also to live in love. But those who remember God have forgotten about truth, and those who remember truth have overlooked love. It would be better if they had forgotten God and remembered truth - but it would be even better if they had forgotten about truth and were prepared to live lives of love. Wherever love is to be found, truth steps in of its own accord. And where truth is, God is too.

Every day I watch you going to the temples. I see you pouring over the scriptures, day in and day out. And this worries me. I have never seen you show any appreciation of nature. If you cannot see God in nature, how can you possibly see him somewhere else? Open your heart and let nature’s sweet music resound within you. Welcome nature; enthrone nature in your heart of hearts. Before long you will recognize that your guest is God himself.

It is utter foolishness to oppose nature. You will never attain God by opposing nature. God is hidden in nature.

You must never fight with nature; you must learn to allow its mysteries to unfold for you. Nature is a veil to be lifted. Nature is part of God; it is his manifestation. He is deeply embedded in nature; it is his home.

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