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Chapter 12: Faith: The Suicide of Intelligence

And remember, my truth can never be your truth because there is no way of transferring truth from one person to another. Mohammed’s truth is Mohammed’s truth; it cannot be yours just by becoming a Mohammedan. To you it will remain only a belief, and who knows whether Mohammed knows or not? Who knows, Jesus may simply be a fanatic, neurotic. That’s what modern psychiatrists, psychologists and psychoanalysts agree upon: that Jesus was a mental case.

To declare oneself to be the only begotten son of God, to declare, “I am the messiah who has come to redeem the whole world from suffering and sin” - do you think it is normal? And how many people has he redeemed? I don’t think that he was able to redeem even a single person from suffering and sin. He was certainly a megalomaniac.

How can you have faith? Even if a Gautam Buddha knows the truth, there is no way for you to know whether he knows it or not. Yes, you can recognize somebody knowing the truth, if you also know it; then you will have the capacity to smell it. Otherwise you simply believe in public opinion, you believe in mass psychology, which is the lowest.

Truth comes to the highest intelligence.

But if from the very beginning you are taught to believe, then you are crippled, you are destroyed. If from the very beginning you are conditioned to have faith, you have lost your soul. Then you will vegetate, you will not live. And that’s what millions of people around the world are doing: vegetating.

What life can you have? You don’t even know yourself. You don’t know from where you are coming, to where you are going, what the purpose of all this is. Who has prevented you? Not the Devil but the popes, the priests, the rabbis, the shankaracharyas - these are the real devils.

As far as I can see, all these synagogues, temples, mosques, churches - they are all dedicated to the Devil, not to God, because what they have done is not divine, it is sheer murder: slaughter of the whole human mind.

But they have done many other things also. This fundamental harm cannot be done alone, it needs support from many other harms. For example: the religions have demystified the universe. I consider that to be one of the greatest crimes.

Let me repeat, they have demystified the universe, and I consider it to be one of the greatest crimes. They have done it so cunningly, so cleverly that you are not even aware what has been done.

What do I mean when I say demystifying the universe? I mean they have supplied ready-made answers for you. All the religions have a certain catechism. Christians have approached me: “Why don’t you publish a small booklet which contains your catechism? Because you have so many books that it is difficult to read them all, to find out and figure out what your message is. It will be easy; just like the Christians have done, you can publish the catechism on a postcard.”

I had to tell them, “It is impossible for me because I don’t have a catechism at all. You will have to look into my books. You will have to enter into this jungle and you will have to find the message. And I don’t know whether you will be able to find one, or whether you yourself will be lost; the second is the more probable possibility.”

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