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Chapter 6: Enough unto Yourself

Before you can be really independent, you have to know who you are, who it is beating in your heart; you have to know the universal element, the existential part of your being. Without knowing it, you will be falling again and again into different kinds of bondages. You may be freed from one church, another church will open its door and welcome you. You will be freed from mothers and fathers, then Fischer-Hoffmann will become your father and mother.

Unless you know that you are alone and enough unto yourself - not with borrowed knowledge, but your own experience. The whole effort here is to bring you to a point where freedom blossoms. I am not a fetter to you. Love can never be a fetter, it can never be a prison, and if it is a prison, then it is not love. I know myself; I am sharing with you my delight, my celebration, my arriving home. You are absolutely independent; I am not asking anything from you, just trying to take away that which you are not and forcing consistently on you that which you are.

The whole of Western history is ego-centered. They have known nothing about enlightenment. And without enlightenment there is no freedom, no truth, no fearlessness, no dance and no celebration of being.

All the therapists here have to help Turiya to create Anti-Fischer-Hoffmann Therapy. And I invite the people who are running the therapy in the West to come here and face me. Ego is not freedom.

Ego is your worst enemy: it is not your strength, it is just a mock-up; it is not you, not even your photograph, not even your shadow. I want you to know who is in the innermost being of your interiority. Only that can bring freedom to you. The ego is the last thing to disappear before man can arrive on the earth; otherwise everybody is a gorilla. It does not matter whether you have a gorilla coat or not.

And it was good of Vimal to appear in a gorilla coat, of course unconsciously, not knowing the implications; but he created a migraine in Maneesha. That is very symbolic. Man has been the gorilla all along, creating thousands of migraines in women, all kinds of slaveries, exploitations, preventing their spiritual growth.

This place is devoted to absolute freedom, but freedom does not mean license, it means tremendous responsibility. To be is to be responsible; only animals can have licentiousness. To be a man, to have the dignity of being a man, means you have accepted the responsibility. You will not blame anything on anyone. Now you have always to look within for whatever happens to you.

A survey in Brazil of the primitive people, who have been killed or moved into deep forests around the Amazon, has shown - and this survey was done by professional psychoanalysts - that their methods of curing people’s madness are more effective than our so-called psychology. Their methods are very simple, but their basis is totally different. Their basis is: unless a man’s spirituality is cured, his psychology is going to remain sick. Once your being is cured, then mind itself is understood as sickness. You don’t need it. What you need is a clarity which mind is preventing.

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