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Chapter 2: Bring the Other Two Buddhas Also!

“If you wish to be devoted to God, live unattached, homeless, in spite of a homestead and your life with a girl.” Live in the house, be a householder: with your woman, your children - but remain unattached; because when you leave woman and children and house and you escape to the forest, you simply show that you were too much attached to all these things - otherwise why should you bother? And if you were attached how can attachment disappear by just going to the forest? It may become even greater because whenever things are not there you feel their need more.

When you are hungry, you become food-obsessed. When you are on a fast you think only of food and nothing else. When you try to escape from your woman you will be sex-obsessed; you will think only of sex and nothing else.

If you wish to be devoted to God, if you really want to know the truth - live unattached, but live. Unattachment should be a way of life, not a renunciation. Live unattached, but emphasis is on being in the world - live!

Don’t try to commit a slow suicide - live it through and through! Live unattached, homeless, in spite of the home; live in the home but homeless. Live with the family but as if alone. Move with the crowd but never become part of the crowd. Be in the marketplace but never lose your inner meditativeness.

“Do not listen to your head that forever misleads.” Why does the head mislead forever? In fact the head is not yours, that’s why it misleads. The head is a trick played by the society upon you. The head is like a mechanism attached to you by the society, imposed on you by the society.

You bring a heart with you, you don’t bring the head with you - it is conditioned and trained by the society.

Have you ever thought that there is any possibility of a heart being a Mohammedan or being a Christian or a Parsee or a Hindu? The heart is simply the heart, but the head is a Hindu, head is Christian, head is a Mohammedan. The heart is not Indian nor Chinese nor American, it is simply human. But the head is Indian, Chinese, American.

The head belongs to the world, the heart belongs to you. The head is trained by the world, it is the world put within you. That’s why it misleads. It always says things which go against the innermost flow. It goes on diverting your energies, diverting your energies according to the society in which you have been brought up. The heart is natural, the head is social. The head comes from the crowd, the heart comes from the universe.

“Do not listen to your head that forever misleads. Do not only think but chain your master hand and foot. Cut out a cane of love and flog him until he is blue - but it is a cane of love - and flog him until he is blue. The master must eternally bow at the feet of the disciple.”

Absurd sayings, but very beautiful. I have told you many times: it happened that Buddha, in a past life, when he was not a buddha, heard about a man who had become enlightened. He went to see him. He touched his feet. Then suddenly he was surprised because that enlightened man, that buddha, touched Buddha’s feet. Buddha said: What are you doing? I am an unenlightened ignorant man, a sinner - and you, touching my feet? I should touch your feet - that’s okay, but why are you touching my feet?

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