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Chapter 8: A Rebellious Intelligence

The friend said, “I have to laugh, because those people who are really mad cannot convince me just because they are in the majority, that I am mad. In fact, since I have been in the madhouse I am immensely happy, because I have left the madhouse outside and here I can live as sanely as I want. Nobody is going to interfere. You should not feel sorry for me; I feel sorry for you. What the hell are you doing outside there in that great madhouse? Why don’t you come here and live with me?”

Kahlil Gibran was shocked, but a great question arose in his mind: “Perhaps the man is right?”

To me there is no perhaps. That man is right.

So, my therapy is a search to find your individuality, its uniqueness. And then once you are freed from the idea that you are sick, there opens a new dimension. You can grow into being more conscious, and ultimately enlightened.

So, I use your sickness for your ultimate health, wholeness. About that your therapists are completely unaware. They are even unaware of what they are doing; they are simply serving the politicians, the religions, the vested interests. They are not helping you. They are part of the status quo.

My therapists are not part of the status quo. My therapists are basically people who are helping you to get rid of all those ideas that people have forced into your mind that something is wrong with you. Once you are completely free of that garbage, meditation becomes simple, very spontaneous. Here, you drop out of the rotten society and you are available to the whole existence. Once you start getting roots and centered, meditations are very easy and they can lead you to the ultimate experience of life.

Those normal people never attain to that experience. They don’t have even the intelligence to become sick. It is just like a dead man cannot fall sick - or do you think a dead man can fall sick? A dead man is always healthy; there is no way to make him sick. Even if you inject him and put poison into him, there is no way - he will remain perfectly healthy.

It is life that is fragile and can be easily made sick, destroyed. Intelligence is even more fragile. If life is the tree, then intelligence is the flower - even more fragile; more colorful, more alive, more expressive, more poetic - but more fragile.

And enlightenment is the ultimate in fragility. It is just like the fragrance, you cannot even catch hold of it. You can feel its presence, you can smell its existence, but there is no way to have it in your fist.

So, my therapy is fundamentally different. Its purpose is different, its approach is different. The other therapies respect the society and condemn the poor individual. I respect the individual and I condemn the mob, because the mass of people has no soul in it. It is just a big crowd of almost-dead people who don’t know what life is, and who will never know what life is.

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