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Chapter 3: An Open and Shut Case

What is the difference between a pebble and a seed? The pebble is just a pebble, with no future in it. The seed also looks like a pebble, but with a vast future in it, with life waiting to be released, flowers waiting to flower, fragrance waiting to be spread to the winds. A vast possibility, a potentiality.

If you think man now is the end product, then you will feel, like the existentialists, that man is meaningless, a tale told by an idiot. But if you can look into the potentiality, then suddenly, man is not diseased; rather, on the contrary, nature is trying to reach a higher point, a growth, the greatest yet attained - evolution working in man.

So this has to be understood: why nature is so harmonious, and man is in such a disharmony. Listen to the birds, constantly singing, humming, constantly enjoying; there seems to be no worry, no anxiety. Not that problems are not there, not that death doesn’t exist for them - it exists, but it doesn’t disturb their song. Birds, trees, oceans, rocks - they are unconscious, their ceremony is an unconscious ceremony.as if a man is singing while he is asleep, a man smiling while he is asleep. You can see the smile, but the man himself is not aware of what is happening - as if in a dream, drunk.

Nature is blissful, but absolutely unaware of it. And without awareness, what is bliss? It is meaningless. It has no significance, because the bird who is singing is not at all aware of what is happening. The song is just happening. There is nobody to listen to it, nobody to taste it, nobody to smell it, nobody to enjoy it. The song is just happening, part of an unconscious nature. Howsoever beautiful, it lacks something, something very essential.

It is you who listens to the sound of the bird. It is you who feels: How beautiful! The bird is completely unaware: the song is neither beautiful nor ugly - as if the song doesn’t exist. If you are unaware, how can the song exist? It doesn’t exist for you. It may exist for others, those who are aware.

Trees have flowers. Look at this gulmohar tree - complete, with flowers, more flowers than leaves.red, like a bride. But not aware, not knowing what is happening! Nature is asleep, unconscious. Man has become a little conscious; hence the anxiety. A part of you has become conscious, a very small fragment of your being has become conscious, and the remaining whole remains unconscious. A division has happened, a conflict has arisen. You are no more one - you have become two. A split has happened, a gap between you and yourself, a duality. You are no more one. Something of you is different from the remaining whole. This creates anxiety. You cannot be as happy as the bird, and you cannot be as blissful as the sky. No, you cannot be, because you are aware. Awareness creates anxiety.

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