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Chapter 3: Breaking the Four Seals

But from each state of your mind understanding has to be gained. Wherever you are, don’t be afraid. That is the Tantra message: wherever you are, don’t be afraid. Drop only one thing - fear. Only one thing has to be feared and that is fear. Unafraid, with great courage, look into the reality, whatsoever the reality is. If you are a thief, then look into that. If you are an angry person, look into that. If you are greedy, look into that. Wherever you are, look into it. Don’t escape. Looking into it, go through it. Watching, go through it. If you can walk the path into greed, into sex, into anger, into jealousy, with eyes open, you will be freed of it.

This is the Tantra promise: Truth liberates. Knowing frees. Knowing is freedom. Otherwise, whether you repress or you indulge, the end is the same.

It happened..

There was a man who had a most attractive wife. But he began to be suspicious of her.it is natural. The more beautiful wife you have, the more the suspicion.

Mulla Nasruddin has married one of the ugliest of women. I asked, “Why, Mulla? What went wrong? What took possession of you?”

He said, “Nothing, just understanding.”

I said, “What type of understanding is this?”

He said, “Now I will never be jealous and I will never suspect my wife, because I can’t imagine any person being in love with her.”

This man was very suspicious of her. At last he could stand it no longer. Being on nights he asked the foreman for a pass out, and went home at two in the morning to find his best friend’s car outside, just as he had feared. He let himself in, crept up the stairs and rushed into his wife’s bedroom. There she lay on top of the bed - stark naked, but smoking a cigarette and reading a book.

He went wild and searched under the bed, in the wardrobe, even in the airing cupboard, but he could not find any man. He went berserk and wrecked the bedroom. Then he started on the living room - threw the TV out of the window, slashed the armchairs, overturned the table and sideboard. Then he turned his attention to the kitchen, where he smashed all the crockery and then threw the fridge out of the window. Then he shot himself.

When he got up to heaven’s gates who should he see waiting for admission but his late best friend, who said, “What are you doing up here?”

So the wronged husband explained all about how he had lost his temper and all about it, and then added, “But how does it come about that you are up here too?”

“Ah, me? I was in the fridge.”

Both end the same way - whether you are in the Himalayan cave or in the world does not make much difference. The life of indulgence and the life of repression both end in the same way because their mechanism is not different. Their appearance is different, but their inner quality is the same.

Awareness brings a different quality to your life. With awareness things start changing, changing tremendously. Not that you change them, no, not at all. A man of awareness does not change anything and a man of unawareness continuously tries to change everything. But the man of unawareness never succeeds in changing anything, and the man of awareness simply finds change happening, tremendous change happening.

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