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Chapter 19: The Path of Truth Is Only for Gamblers

So it is the function of the disciple not to put the master in such a situation where he cannot work. His yes, total and unconditional, gives the whole scope to the master to work. And now there is no question of interference: you have allowed the master to be a guest in your innermost being, you have become a host. And it is one of the greatest joys for the disciple to experience that the master has come within him and he has not resisted.

His whole life he has been resisting. He has never allowed anyone a total yes - not even his lovers, not even his parents, not even his friends, not even his children. To no one has he ever said an unconditional yes, it has always been conditional. And conditional means mixed with no. It has never been pure.

He has always been guarding himself - not only against enemies but against friends too. In fact one does not need to guard himself against enemies too much because they are always far away; they are not that dangerous. The real question is of those who are very close to you, very close to your being. They can stab a knife in your back very easily. You have to be constantly on guard.

There is an Urdu poem with a statement which is very significant. It says, “I will take care of my enemies, God, but you please take care of my friends. I am not in danger from the enemies, I know them - I am on guard. But about friends I am confused. And to be on guard with friends is painful. So you take care of me against my friends.”

It is only with the master that for the first time you put all your guards away. That’s the only function of the disciple - great, arduous, but single. It implies everything: openness, readiness to go wherever the master is leading him. It is a way of becoming part of the being of the master - allowing him to be within you - now there is no fear.

This is the place that you have been guarding your whole life. You have never invited anybody to be a guest.

This is the conflict between lovers, the eternal conflict. All others are simply excuses. The basic and fundamental conflict is that the woman or the man wants to be at the innermost center of the being of the person he loves or she loves.

But it cannot happen as far as lovers are concerned because both are asleep; both are full of egos, both are capable of changing any moment. Their love can become hate, their friendship can turn into enmity. It cannot be opened for a sleepy person, so no lover has ever opened it.

And I don’t see that there is anything wrong in it; it can simply not be opened. It can be opened only to a person who is awake, who cannot harm you, who is beyond harming you. The woman you love can harm you, the man you love can harm you. Not that they want to harm you, but they are unconscious beings. They may have no intention of harming you, but still, without any intention to harm you, harm can happen.

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