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Chapter 6: An Eternal Recurrence

More of you by and by will start feeling a kind of deja vu, as if this is no longer the twentieth century, as if these twenty centuries have suddenly disappeared from your consciousness, as if you are again in the days of Jesus in Jerusalem walking with him, or by Galilee moving with him, or in Bethlehem. To many of you that dream will unfold, because to understand me, that will be the closest metaphor for the Western consciousness.

No Hindu will ever feel that something of Christ is happening here. It he ever comes to feel anything, he will feel Krishna. No Buddhist will feel something about Christ. If he ever feels anything, he will feel something about Buddha. These are archetypes, metaphors in the unconscious, and when you come closer to your depth you start releasing the poetry of your soul.

So Somendra is right. He says: “Recently, mind almost stopping, I have suddenly felt myself and everything around me to be existing exactly in Jesus’ time. And there has been a very strong sense of Jesus himself. Could you say something about this phenomenon?”

It is tremendously significant. Go deeper into it. Don’t give any resistance to it. This will also disappear. Just as the conscious disappears, one day the unconscious also disappears. But to live in unconscious metaphors is better than to live in the conscious, because they are deeper. And he is perfectly right in saying “mind almost stopping,” because if it stops absolutely then even Jesus will disappear. These are all mind things ultimately; all words, all metaphors, are mind things. Just a little of the mind is left - be ready, Somendra, to drop that too. But there is no hurry, and don’t be impatient, and don’t fight with it. It is going on its own, it is on its deathbed.

The second question:

After today’s discourse I met Satya on the stairs. She was laughing. I wanted to sob, but felt I must lighten up and laugh, that she was positive and I was negative. I laughed a lie. Could I be true to myself and meet her in that moment?

The question is from Vandana.

This is something to be understood by everybody.

Satya is in a laughing space. Something is stirring in her. She is not the laughing type, she is the crying type. When she came here, whenever she would come to me she would start crying. Tears were easier for her. Now suddenly tears have disappeared and laughter has arisen - and such a mad laughter that she goes on laughing for hours. It has almost become painful to her. The whole night she goes on laughing.

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