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Chapter 4: Fear Is to Be Understood, Not Conquered

So first you have to understand that fear has not to be conquered; otherwise you will remain always afraid of the conquered fear - because the conquered fear is there. You may be on top of it, but things change. You may, in a certain weak moment, be defeated by the nonexistent fear again and it will be on top of you. And you do not always have the same vitality, the same aliveness; there are ups and downs. In every state when you are not feeling a well-being, fear will come back. And the miraculous thing is that fear has no existence except in your imagination.

You have not seen death. To see death there is one possibility, and that is deep meditation; the other possibility is to die. But the other possibility is not certain because death is such a great surgical phenomenon - the whole consciousness has to leave the body - and nature has made an arrangement that before people die they become unconscious.

Medical science learned it very late, that when you operate, first make the man unconscious. Either local or general, but some anesthesia, some unconsciousness has to be there. He will not be able to bear the pain - and this is about small surgery. Death is the greatest surgery. Your whole consciousness is taken out of your body. Naturally you become unconscious before it happens. So even if you die - and you have died many times - you don’t remember. Because you were unconscious, how can you remember? Memory has not made any record of it.

So the only certain way, a hundred percent sure, is meditation. Meditation creates the situation in which you know you and your body are absolutely separate. They are working together in deep harmony, in great synchronicity, but they are not one. Once you understand that they are not one, you know your consciousness is your life. And the moment life leaves the body, people think the body is dead.

It is always somebody else who dies. Have you observed it? You never die. One feels really great that somebody else has died and you have been alive for eighty years and still death has not come. In fact, the longer you live, the less is the possibility of your dying.

The data is, most people die nearabout seventy-five. Then the rate of death starts falling. Nearabout eighty, less people die. Nearabout ninety, even less people die. Nearabout a hundred, very few people die. Nearabout a hundred and fifty, it is very rare to find somebody dying. And nearabout two hundred, there is no precedent. So if you can go on pulling yourself up to two hundred, you will not die. You will see everybody else dying and you will enjoy!

But seeing somebody else dying is not an experience of death. You have to go inward so deep that you are only pure consciousness. The body is surrounding you, but it is not inseparable from you. You can see the gap. That very moment you have seen that death is a fiction - the greatest fiction. But it goes on haunting people because nobody meditates, and when they die, the fear of death makes them so unconscious that it becomes impossible for them to experience what is happening.

From outside you cannot experience; from inside you can experience only with awareness. But that kind of awareness is very rare. Those who have managed to create, through meditation, that crystallization of awareness are agreed on the point that death does not exist. There is no question of fear.

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