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Chapter 7: Established within Yourself

Yoga does not believe in intellectual understanding. It believes in bodily understanding, in a total understanding in which your wholeness is involved. Not only do you change in your head, but the deep sources of your being also change.

How can they change? Constant repetition of a particular practice becomes non-voluntary. If you do a particular practice constantly, just repeating it continuously, by and by it drops from the conscious, reaches to the unconscious and becomes part of it. Once it becomes part of the unconscious it starts functioning from that deep source.

Anything can become unconscious if you go on repeating it continuously. For example, your name has been repeated so constantly from your childhood that now it is not part of the conscious, it has become part of the unconscious. You may be sleeping with one hundred persons in a room, and if somebody comes and calls “Ram? Is Ram there?” ninety-nine persons who are not concerned with the name will go on sleeping. They will not be disturbed. But the person who has the name Ram will suddenly ask, “Who is calling me? Why are you disturbing my sleep?”

Even in sleep, he knows his name is Ram. How has this name reached so deep? - just by constant repetition. Everybody is repeating his name, everybody is calling it; and he himself, introducing himself - continuous use. Now it is not conscious, it has reached to the unconscious.

The language, your mother tongue, becomes a part of the unconscious. Whatsoever else you learn later on will never be so unconscious, it will remain conscious. That’s why your unconscious language will continuously affect your conscious language. If a German speaks English it is different, if a Frenchman speaks English it is different, if an Indian speaks English it is different. The difference is not in English, the difference is in their innermost patterns. The Frenchman has a different pattern, unconscious pattern that affects it. So whatsoever you learn later on will be affected by your mother tongue. And if you fall unconscious, then only your mother tongue can penetrate.

I remember one of my friends who was a Maharashtrian. He was in Germany for twenty years, or even more. For twenty years he was using the German language. He had completely forgotten his own mother tongue, Marathi. He couldn’t read it, he couldn’t talk in it. Consciously, the language was completely forgotten because it was not used.

Then he was ill, and in that illness sometimes he would become unconscious. Whenever he would become unconscious, a totally different type of personality would evolve. He would start behaving in a different way. In his unconscious he would utter words from Marathi, not from German. When he was unconscious then he would utter words which are from the Marathi language. And after his unconsciousness, when he would come back to the conscious, for a few minutes he would not be able to understand German.

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