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Chapter 1: Dropping Out of the Wheel

First become more and more alert in waking hours. That will bring you to a certain degree of heat. It is really a certain degree of inner heat, a certain temperature of your consciousness. That will help you to move into the unconscious. Then bring more and more conscious into the unconscious. More effort will be needed, more energy will be created. Then suddenly one day you will find you are moving upwards; you have become weightless. Now the gravitation doesn’t affect you. You are becoming superconscious.

Superconscious has all power: it is omnipotent, it is omniscient, it is omnipresent. Superconscious is everywhere. Superconscious has every power that is possible, and superconscious sees everything - it has become absolute clarity of vision.

That’s what Patanjali says:

Thus, the yogi becomes master of all, from the infinitesimal to the infinite.

Enough for today.