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Chapter 8: Women: Free of All the Chains

Indian saints have been telling the whole world that woman is the door to hell. And of course, if woman is the door to hell she cannot have freedom, she cannot be allowed to have any say in life. Either possess her, dominate her, reduce her to a commodity, or renounce her - that is again the same. Possessing or renouncing, the woman remains a commodity.

This whole structure has to be shattered; only then can the Indian woman be free.

The Indian mahatmas go on condemning the woman as nothing but blood, bones, pus, dirt. And it is very strange - they never think that they were born out of woman, they had lived in the womb of woman, and they are also made in the same way: bones, blood, pus. They are not made of gold or silver or diamonds.

All Indian scriptures condemn woman as ugly, as rotten - and man? They don’t talk about man at all. Strange logic! A double bind, a double standard.

Mrs Kohansky went to her butcher of many years and said, “Bernie, today I need a beautiful chicken, maybe four pounds.”

Bernie pointed out three chickens in the display counter, but Mrs Kohansky turned up her nose at all of them. “I asked for a beautiful chicken!” she sniffed.

So Bernie went to the back of the store, and from his refrigerator room he extracted an especially plump fowl. He brought it forward with pride.

The lady was cautious. She took the chicken and slowly began to examine each part with her fingers - lifting the wings, feeling the breast and groping inside the cavity.

Finally the butcher’s patience waned. “Tell me, Mrs Kohansky,” he demanded, “do you think you could pass such a test?”

But there are different criterions for men and women. These different criterions have to be destroyed absolutely; only then can the woman be free. Otherwise she cannot be free, and without the woman being free the country remains basically unfree. The woman constitutes fifty percent of the population, but she is more important than just fifty percent, because all the children will be raised by her. If she is a slave she will create the slave mentality, unconsciously, in her children’s minds. The girls and the boys - everybody is raised by the woman - they will be conditioned as slaves. The woman can only give them what she has. So it is not that only fifty percent will remain in slavery, it will amount to almost ninety-nine percent. It will be a rare individual in India who is truly free.

So the first thing is the ugly, pseudo religion, the phony morality. For thousands of years, even today, the phenomenon of sati happens. Sati means a woman throwing herself into the funeral pyre with her dead husband.

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