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Chapter 16: Who Created God?

Perhaps, you are feeling bad because you are also a woman, and the wound was created by women. It is simply a reflection, because of your sensitivity. Otherwise - you are completely innocent; you don’t need to be sorry at all. You have not failed me, you have not hurt me - there is no question of forgiving you. You have proved what I have been trying to prove - that woman can rise higher than man. She has far finer qualities.

But I can understand those twenty women also - Patipada included - because for centuries women have not been in power, and I put only women in power. Centuries of repression.and they forgot completely the man who had put them in power - that they were betraying him. But it is just unconsciousness.

In Patipada’s letter she writes, “I don’t feel that I owe any apology to you, or to the commune.” And still she ends the letter with, “I put my head at your feet.” For what? If she cannot even say “I am sorry,” then putting her head at my feet is just words without meaning.

But all this happened unconsciously, so I am not angry, just wounded. I don’t want you to feel repentant; I just want you to be more conscious. That’s why I asked her for an apology: that would have made her more conscious.

When you are repressed for centuries and suddenly you get power, there is every possibility of misuse. And that’s what happened. But I am still of the opinion that the woman carries in her heart more sensitivity, more love, more compassion. Given the chance, these old, repressed things will disappear. Therefore I am still giving that chance.

And you proved my trust was right. You are not even aware what you are feeling sorry for; you have not done anything wrong. It is just a reflection, because a group of women did immense wrong, not only to the commune, but to the coming humanity. By their apology nothing will change; what they have destroyed in their unconsciousness is destroyed. But by their apology some understanding may come to them. And I want women not to be repressed in the future; they should be treated on equal terms. I was even making them superior, just to compensate for those thousands of years - but they behaved so unconsciously and so stupidly. But I was aware of the possibility..

I was reading a joke. It will be good for you.

Two Irishmen, Paddy and Sean, were flying to Pune. The plane took off, and they were just settling down with their first drink when the captain’s voice came over the intercom, “Engine number one has failed, but there is nothing to worry about. We can run fine on three engines, but we will be arriving in Pune one hour late.”

Paddy looked at Sean, and they had another drink. Ten minutes later the captain’s voice came again saying, “Engine number two has failed, but we can run fine on two engines. We will arrive in Pune two hours late.” Sean looked at Paddy, and they had another drink.

Ten minutes later the captain’s voice came on again, “Engine number three has failed, but there is nothing to worry about. We can run fine on one engine, but we will be arriving in Pune four hours late.”

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