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Chapter 2: Service with a Smile

The other night, those Christian monks were here. They behaved in a very mannerly way, but they said at the gate when asked by Narendra.one man told him, “I like everything, and I have been doing Dynamic and Kundalini Meditation for four and a half months, and I have been immensely helped in dropping my tensions, my mind stress. But then I felt suddenly, something is missing..” And what is missing? - service, service to the poor.

Now this is his upbringing, continuous Christian teaching, which becomes a barrier. Although he meditated here with me, I don’t think he was hearing me.

You cannot serve anybody unless you have found yourself. Who are you to serve? Your service will be dangerous. You are in absolute darkness and unconsciousness. Out of your unconsciousness any action is going to be harmful.

Let us contemplate a little more about this word service.

All the religions have been serving the poor for thousands of years, and poverty goes on growing. Is this authentic service? Then in thousands of years poverty should have disappeared. In fact, you are feeding poverty.

Real service will be that the poor should be told that “You are being exploited, and you have to revolt against the vested interests.” Unless the poor understand that their poverty is caused by a few people who are exploiting them, sucking their blood.. It is not caused by your past lives and bad acts, it is caused by the social system which depends on exploitation.

The religions have to be made aware of the fact that they have been doing this service for centuries. What is the result? - because a tree is known by the fruit; if the fruit is rotten, the tree is not worth much. Service seems to be a beautiful word to hide an exploiting social structure. It appears so good - serving the poor - it seems a great virtue.

But why are the poor there in the first place? Who has made them poor?

On the one hand you go on serving the poor and converting them into Catholics. The service is not in the service of the poor, the service is to increase the power of the Catholic church. You go on finding orphans and converting them. How have Catholics increased to six hundred million? - by serving the poor. The service is motivated.

If you are really interested in destroying poverty you will look into the roots. You treat only symptoms. Giving food to the poor, or clothes to the poor.how is it going to help? It will only keep them at survival level, and it will allow the vested interests to continue exploiting them. You see the vicious circle?

The capitalists go on donating to the church. The church goes on helping the poor at least to live, because laborers and slaves are needed. Even slaves were fed by their masters. That was not service. If you don’t feed your horse, if you don’t feed your cow, you will lose much money. If you don’t feed the poor, the capitalist will disappear. Who is going to work for him? Whom is he going to exploit?

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