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Chapter 10: Beyond East and West

Now this old man is not so old. His mind is still clinging somewhere - to his youthful days. His mind is still sexual. He cannot understand why the hyena is laughing if he mates only once a year.

There are people who cannot understand that happiness is possible in any way other than sex. There are people who cannot understand that there is any bliss beyond sex. There are people who cannot understand that there is any happiness except in food. There are people who cannot understand that there is any happiness except in big houses, big cars, much money, power and prestige. It is impossible to understand beyond your own standpoint - people remain confined within their own standpoints. That is the real prison. If you want a synthesis you have to drop all the imprisonment, you have to drop out of your cages. They are very subtle cages and you have decorated them for a long time; you may have even started loving them. You may have forgotten completely that they are prisons; you may have started thinking that they are your home. A Hindu thinks Hinduism is his home, he never thinks that it is a barrier. All ‘isms’ are barriers. The Christian thinks that Christianity is the bridge; he never thinks that it is Christianity that is not allowing him to reach to Christ. The church is not the door, it is the wall, the barrier, the China Wall.

But if you have lived with this wall for too long, for centuries, if the mind has become accustomed to it you think of it as a protection, as a shelter, as security. And then you look at other people; from your cell in the prison you look outside. Your presence in the cell corrupts your vision.

Come out under the sky and under the stars - and synthesis will take care of itself. You need not synthesize East and West, you are simply to go beyond these standpoints. Move to the transcendental, and there is synthesis.

The second question:

I have heard you saying that man is a goal-oriented process and his destination is the stars. Can you please open this flower for me for a deep smell?

The flower is open. I suspect your nose is closed.

Your nose has to be opened and you have to reclaim the capacity to smell. You may have lost the sensitivity to smell. You have lived so long in lies that when you come across truth you cannot recognize it. Even truth has to come to you - if truth wants to be recognized - in the garb of a lie. You cannot see it directly. You have learned how to look sideways - you never look directly, your look is never immediate. You are always wavering this way or that and you are always losing the fact.

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