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Chapter 13: Human Mind Is a Miracle

Just remember one thing: old age or no old age, one should always be in love. That is the reason one should never marry. And it keeps one always young, at least for the appearance’s sake. There are so many ways to appear young; the simplest is:

.Always fall in love with an older woman, and you will be always young. One just has to find a way - these are problems intrinsic to life.

.Or become a monk: start preaching brahmacharya, celibacy, and you will forget all about old age; you will start making the young feel guilty. These are well-tried methods, for thousands of years. Only one thing is bad about being old and unmarried:

.Married men don’t live longer than the single men, it just seems longer.

.One marriage out of every three ends up in divorce - the other two fight it out to the bitter end.

In India, a marriage is arranged by the parents and the couple don’t know each other until after the marriage. The arrangements in the West are considerably different, but the results are identical. Whether in the East or in the West, you come to know each other only after marriage, but it is too late by that time; nothing can be done about it.

.The one who sleeps does not commit sins. The one who commits sins sleeps better afterwards.

.To find out a girl’s faults, talk to her girlfriends and say how wonderful she is!

.Marriage is a romance in which the hero dies in the first chapter.

.Never marry a beautiful girl, because she might leave you. Of course, an ugly girl might leave you too - but so what?

.All marriages are happy. It is the living together afterwards that is tough.

Devageet, everybody here is sooner or later bound to become old. We have to understand the beauty of old age, and we have to understand the freedom of old age. We have to understand the wisdom of old age; we have to understand its tremendous detachment from all foolish things that go on in the lives of people who are still young.

Old age gives you a height. If this height can be joined with meditation, you will rather feel miserable - why did you waste your youth? why have your parents destroyed your childhood? why was meditation not given to you as the first gift the day you were born?

But whenever you get it, it is still not too late. Even just a few moments before your death, if you can get the meaning of your being, your life has not been a wastage.

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