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Chapter 3: They Know Me Not

It is not a question of a very intelligent mind, it is a question of a very innocent mind. Innocence is needed to understand the easy, intelligence is needed to understand the complicated - intelligent you are, and that’s what is proving to be your whole stupidity. You cannot understand innocent things, you have lost that capacity completely, that mirror-like clarity of a child. He may not be able to say that he understands because he lacks vocabulary, logic; but just look into his eyes - everything is reflected, uncorrupted.

A childlike consciousness is needed then. Lao Tzu is so simple - and there is no one like Lao Tzu; he does not create any problems, he is not a philosopher, not a system-maker, he is someone who has fallen back to the original source of innocence, and from there he looks at life, and he simply cannot understand why you are so puzzled. I also cannot understand where the problem lies, why you are chasing continuously and reaching nowhere! Why you are continuously trying to solve, and nothing is solved. Just on the contrary, the more you try to solve things the more they fall into bad shape, the more disturbance, the more tensions, the more anguish, the more anxiety.

You try to solve one problem and a hundred and one problems arise out of your efforts. Something very basic is missing.

This mind that you already have is not the mind which can solve. So, whatsoever you do with this mind, it complicates it more. It is a vicious circle. When it complicates a thing more you try to solve it more, then it complicates it even more, and this goes on and on.

If this mind is allowed to go to the very logical extreme of its capacity, you will become mad. Insanity is going to be the logical outcome of it. You don’t become mad because you don’t go to the very extreme, that’s all. Between mad people and you there is a difference of degree, nothing else. One step more and you will become mad.

You don’t go to the extreme, that’s all. You cling to the middle, so somehow you manage your normalness. Otherwise, everybody seems to be pathological.

Life in itself is not a problem, so any effort to solve it is foolish. Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. Let this be a very fundamental understanding within you. It is not a problem at all. Enjoy it! Delight in it! Love it! Live it! Do whatsoever you like, but please, don’t try to solve it. It is not a problem at all!

I have heard a joke. A professor of logic went to a toy shop with his small child aged five years and his wife, who was also very educated, very cultured, and they were looking for a new toy for the child for his birthday. They came across a very puzzling jigsaw puzzle. The father, himself a logician, tried to solve it. He did everything that he could but there seemed to be no possibility of solving it. He started perspiring, because people had gathered in the shop - and a professor of logic cannot solve a simple jigsaw puzzle which is meant to be solved by children! The wife also helped. Only the child enjoyed the whole game because he was not interested in solving it. He was suggesting: Do this and that - and he was the only one who was not troubled.

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