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Chapter 30: You Are the Watcher, Not the Actor

If you had understood what I was saying for twelve years about enlightenment, you would have missed. If you had understood what I have been saying for one month continually about beyond-enlightenment, you would have missed. Because you are aware that you have not been able to understand anything, you have not missed.

And your feeling that sitting close to me you feel as if I have become your heartbeat, your breathing, your circulation of blood - this is true understanding. This is not knowledge; this is the same understanding as when Socrates says, “I know nothing.” This is closer to love, this is closer to music; this is closer to feeling beauty. You don’t understand beauty, you don’t understand music, you don’t understand dance - you enjoy, you rejoice, you feel. It enters into your being. It becomes part of you, but you cannot say it is knowledge.

Listening to the music of the winds as they pass through the pine trees, what can you understand? Or listening to the sound of running water, what can you understand? Or looking at a beautiful sunset and all the colors spread over the horizon, what can you understand? What do you understand? But something happens which is far more precious than understanding. You fall in love, you feel it; you become it. This is how it should be - aes dhammo sanantano. This is how religion has always been; this is the eternal mystery I call religion - not the religion of the mind, but the religion of the heart, of the being; not the religion of knowing, but the religion of innocence.

Whatever is happening to you is exactly what should happen to everybody. Those who go from here understanding things, knowing things, becoming more knowledgeable, it would have been better that they had not come, because I have not been a help to them, I have burdened them; I have not been able to unburden them. And my whole effort is to take all the weight of knowing, knowledge, wisdom, from you and to make you innocent children again - again collecting flowers in the garden, running after butterflies, collecting seashells, making houses of sand on the beach utterly absorbed in whatsoever you are doing, utterly blissful - so the whole existence around you is a fairyland because everything is mysterious. If I can take away your knowledge and give you back the sense of mystery, then I have done my job, I have fulfilled my function.

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