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Chapter 26: Truth Is Enough unto Itself

Journalists have to learn that it is time to become more mature, more responsible: they should understand that just selling stories, whether true or untrue, just for the sake of earning money - without any concern what they are going to do to human beings.. It is poison that is being spread!

So I can understand your concern that journalism has been spreading all kinds of lies about me, and people believe them. People have a certain psychology: they believe anything which is printed. It becomes something very significant that it is printed: it must be true.

Just the other day - I do not understand German, fortunately - Sheela, in one of her interviews given to the German sensationalist magazine Stern, a twenty-five-page interview full of lies, not a single word true in it.. I just looked at the translation quickly, because what is the point of going through all those lies? And you see how journalism works.. After that, the Stern representative was here interviewing me, but he never mentioned Sheela’s interview, neither did he bring any question: “Sheela has brought such-and-such allegations against you and the commune” - not a single point.

Do you see the cunningness? He knew perfectly well that I would contradict it and say the truth - then it would be difficult. And they have been living on lies. He asked many questions, but not a single question related to Sheela’s interview.

One of the things Sheela said in the interview has something to do with you - that’s why I would like to mention it. Sheela says that my relationship with my disciples is that of a pimp with prostitutes. Now people who are reading it.and there is no contradiction from me because he has taken my interview, but he has not mentioned this to me.

When I read it, I had a really good belly laugh. I said, “This is great! So Sheela and the twenty people that have escaped from here have been prostitutes for ten years?” Because if that is my relationship with my disciples - they were my disciples for ten years - she has condemned herself and all the others who have escaped.

I would like to ask you - is there any sannyasin who feels that my relationship with you is that of a pimp to a prostitute? If it is so, then you can raise your hands and say three times “Yes.” If it is not so, then raise your hands and say “No.”



(“No, no, no” three times. Laughter.)

So now the poor pimp is without prostitutes. All the prostitutes have gone with the chief prostitute, Sheela.

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