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Chapter 31: Be Free from Knowledge

I teach, I talk, because you can only understand the language of words; you are not yet capable of understanding the language of silence. When you are able to understand it, I will not teach, I will not talk. This is just to help you, through your own language.

For example, if there is a thorn in your foot and I want to pull it out, I may use another thorn. But that doesn’t mean that I believe in the other thorn. The thorn in your foot can be pulled out with another thorn, but then I will throw them both away; they are the same.

I teach because you are so burdened with teachings. My teaching is just a thorn to pull out your thorn. The moment it is pulled out, both will be thrown away. I’m not going to replace your knowledge. It is not that you have to throw out what you know and put what I am teaching in its place. Throw both away.

Be totally unburdened and clean, fresh, empty, because only in emptiness can godliness descend in you.

Create room within yourself. Because of your knowledge, there is no room within you. You don’t have any space, you are a junkyard. Create some space. Throw out all that is there in the mind. Throw it out. Create some room. Only that room can become the host, the host for the divine guest.

Now get ready for the morning meditation.