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Chapter 15: A Silent Shrine

The criminal, the anti-social, the rebellious, the negative personality is also half. The negative people are the ones who become great politicians, sometimes great revolutionaries, and release great negative poison on the world. An Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin or Benito Mussolini or Mao Zedong - these are the negative type people. They are just the opposite of the saint, but in one way almost the same - they are as half as the saint is. The difference is only one: what the saint has made the unconscious, they have made their conscious, and what they have made their conscious the saint has made the unconscious.

Josef Stalin or Adolf Hitler are not different from Mahatma Gandhi. The only difference is that what is repressed in Mahatma Gandhi is expressed in Adolf Hitler, and what is expressed in Adolf Hitler is repressed in Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi goes on repressing the negative, Adolf Hitler goes on expressing the negative. Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi are exactly the same type of person. One is just standing on his head doing a shirshasana, a headstand - but the type is exactly the same. There is no difference. And you will be surprised to know that these great criminals have beautiful dreams, far more beautiful than the saints can ever have, because their repressed positivity comes out in their dreams. In their dreams they become great saints. They do great good things to humanity.

These are the two ordinary types of people: the saint and sinner. They go together. In a world where there are no more sinners there will be no more saints. In a world where there are no more saints there will be no more sinners. They are partners in the same business. They exist together, they help each other. Without the one the other cannot even exist, cannot survive. The sinner gives definition to the saint and the saint gives definition to the sinner.

The sage has a totally different kind of consciousness. It is whole it is not a choice. It is neither positive nor negative, it has absorbed both. It is total acceptance. Whatsoever has been given by God has to be transformed into one unity. Man has not to choose but to accept. And remember, by acceptance I don’t mean tolerance. When you tolerate something you have not really accepted it. You say, “What can be done? It is there, so okay, I will tolerate it. If it cannot be dropped, if it cannot be destroyed, then I will have to tolerate it.” Remember, acceptance is not just tolerance. Acceptance is joyful welcome - “Whatsoever God has given must have some meaning although I may not be able to see the meaning Of it right now. I will have to search for it.” But there is a tacit understanding that whatsoever is given must have some meaning, otherwise it would not have been given in the first place.

With this understanding a sage is born. A sage is a holy man because a sage is whole. He does not deny his sexuality, he does not deny his anger, he does not deny anything at all. He accepts everything with deep understanding, gratitude, welcome. And in that very understanding, in that very welcoming attitude, things start changing. A great alchemical change happens. This miracle happens in a sage - anger becomes compassion. Anger plus understanding is equal to compassion, sex plus meditation is equal to samadhi.

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