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Chapter 4: Just Drop the Cross!

By pointing out these two trees, God makes it certain that these people sooner or later will be attracted towards them. If He had not mentioned them, I don’t think even up to now we would have been able to find those two trees in the immense garden of paradise. And if it was the serpent who convinced Eve, he is the first revolutionary, the first man who feels and who knows what has to be done. He is the most intelligent being in your whole Bible - the serpent - because he was showing the way of understanding.

Most of your misery is caused by your misunderstanding, your ignorance, your unintelligence. Most of the misery is caused because you are continuously afraid of death - and it is there walking by your side. If these two things can be removed, celebration will come on its own.

If you could be aware that there is no death, wouldn’t you love to sing like birds in the morning? Wouldn’t you love to dance like the peacocks of my garden? If you start understanding human problems, you cannot be miserable. I have not been miserable for so long that I cannot conceive how you go on maintaining misery, you go on nourishing it. You are really strange people. What are the causes of your misery?

You look at a beautiful woman. Naturally you are attracted, but your wife is by your side continuously watching you. She is miserable, because how can she enjoy life when she is continuously suspicious of you? You are miserable because this wretched wife is always there. You cannot even have a glimpse of a beautiful woman, you have to avoid seeing her. But a little understanding will dispel the whole thing.

It is natural, anything beautiful has to be appreciated. You have to show your wife, “Look! What a beautiful woman.” And if there is understanding, the woman will understand it; there will be no jealousy, there will be no quarrel. It is human to taste different joys of life. You cannot eat the same food every day. How can you enjoy the same man or woman every day? It is asking for the impossible. Misery is bound to happen. You will become a hypocrite.

It is perfectly human once in a while to have a different dish. And if people are understanding.your wife will understand if once in a while you go with another woman; her love will be great enough to allow you that freedom.

Love always allows freedom.

Understanding means freedom.

And if your wife goes to some man one day, just for the weekend, you will not feel offended. After the weekend you will both be enriched. You will find your wife again, your wife will find you again. Those first days of love, those days of honeymoon will be back. And when you see that the other gives you so much freedom and so much understanding, you respect them, you feel grateful.

But all the religions have been prohibiting you from everything natural; obviously, they have made you miserable.

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