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Chapter 11: No Beginning, No End

Send at least educated, cultured representatives who have experienced something of meditation. Otherwise, please leave us alone; don’t harass. It is beyond you.

I would like my German sannyasins to write letters to Bunte on every single point, hitting just as a German should do. This is an international gathering and nobody can be allowed to spread rumors, fictitious allegations. For that, the whole world is available. If you want to find crime, if you want to find murders, suicides, the whole world is available. But to this small oasis where roses are being grown, you should come with open eyes. It is not part of your world. The moment you enter the gates of this place you should be alert and aware that you are facing a new phase of humanity. You are entering into the future.

And this is possible only with humbleness, with great intelligence, with great love; not with ordinary journalists who are interested only in sensationalism. The people here are not interested at all in any sensationalism. They are interested, totally, wholly and only in inquiring into their own being.

Just watch! What has disappeared from the world, what has become unbelievable in the world is still breathing here. It is an alive experiment, and I will not allow anybody to say anything that is not honest, truthful.

If you cannot understand, keep your mouth shut. I am not interested in your circulation, I am not interested in the whole world. Even if the whole world disappears, we are enough unto ourselves. I am not a politician who is afraid of losing his reputation. Anyway, I don’t have any reputation. How can I lose it? I am so notorious that you cannot make me more notorious. My people are working silently on a totally different plane. If you cannot understand it, just say so - that it is beyond your comprehension. But nobody wants to acknowledge his ignorance.

And it is your responsibility: in whichever language, in whichever country anything appears about this place, if it is not truthful and honest, hammer it from here or from your own country. Make these people understand clearly that although all their efforts are to make me silent, they are fighting a losing battle. They can kill me, murder me, poison me - they have already done everything that they could - but truth is eternal. It will speak, and it will speak through thousands of mouths. There is no way to stop its song and its dance.

I received a letter from England. One sannyasin was refused entry into India. He went to the Indian ambassador in England to ask why his application had been refused. And the answer that he received was that, “Nobody can ask me why. I’m a sovereign authority here.”

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