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Chapter 4: Learn to Breathe This Air

That’s what happened with Jesus: he talked about love, but he has not been understood at all. A church has arisen around him which is unloving, absolutely unloving; otherwise, how can you explain all the wars which have happened between Christianity and other religions, all the crusades, all the murder, the killing, and all the bloodshed? Jesus may have talked about love, which is the love of a buddha, but the followers.? They understand in their own way. And when your understanding is not clear, great things can become great dangers.

Buddha has not talked about love, and Buddhism is the least ugly religion in the world. He has not talked about “loving your neighbors as yourself” and he has not given you any message to serve people, but he has given medicines - his meditations are his medicines. If you go into meditation, love will arise. It is a consequence.

You ask, “Where is the love in Buddha’s teachings?”

There is no love in the teachings - teachings are medicinal. Go into those teachings. Let those teachings become your heart. Let understanding arise, and you will find love following that understanding, coming as a shadow. It need not be talked about - love will come. Forget all about love, it comes of its own accord. Become silent.

That’s why I can understand your question. It is relevant, many have asked it before. One expects a buddha to talk about love, but your expectations are your expectations; no buddha is obliged to fulfill them. He has to work from his vision. His vision is that you need an alchemical change of your consciousness, then love will come, it will be a flowering.

Look at a gardener. When he is cleaning the ground to plant rosebushes, are there any flowers? And if you see the gardener cleaning the ground, and removing the stones and the rocks, and replacing earth, you will be puzzled - where are the roseflowers? And then he brings the rosebushes, and you will be puzzled - where are the roseflowers? And then he plants the rosebushes, and waters them, morning, evening, and takes all kinds of care, and you go on wondering - where are the roses? But one day, suddenly, you wake up in the morning and the fragrance is there. The bush is aflame with flowers.

Just like that it happens. Love will come on its own, you cannot bring it. And the love that you practice will be false, artificial, an artifact. Love has to descend, it has to come from above - then it is divine, and then it has a totally different song to it, a different dance to it. Then it doesn’t bring misery, it creates celebration in existence.

The fourth question:

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