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Chapter 44: The Spontaneous Source

So when somebody says anything to you ponder over it. Tell the person, “Please just wait for ten minutes. Let me think about it - perhaps you are right.” If he is right, be grateful. If he is wrong, then feel sorry for him and tell him, “You have got some wrong idea. You are master of your own ideas - you can have this idea - but from my side, just a humble suggestion that the idea is not right. I would love it if you would give it a little more consideration.”

Response is very silent, very peaceful. It is not dependent on the other person; it is your own understanding, acting spontaneously in the moment. Hence, there is a possibility of fightless fight.

My whole life I have been doing that. I have been fighting on many fronts, alone - but with no anger, no violence, no personal involvement. It is not that I am fighting for something for myself. I don’t need anything; whatever has to happen to my life has already happened.

I am free of any ambition, because you cannot be ambitious after enlightenment - because there is nowhere to go. You have reached the highest star.

But I have been fighting continuously: fighting to help the same people with whom I have been fighting. This fight is out of love and compassion. I am not angry at the society; I am not angry at anyone. I am not making somebody responsible for the whole misery of the world.

I am simply trying to make the causes clear to people: “You go on clinging to the causes and you don’t want the effects. You go on sowing seeds of a certain flower, but you don’t like the flower - so you destroy the flower but you don’t stop sowing the seeds. This becomes your confusion, your conflict, your misery.

The fight that you have to learn is not out of hate; it is out of love. It is not out of any revenge; it is out of understanding. It is not for your own gain; it is for the gain of those with whom you are fighting. Then, it becomes a fightless fight. Then, whether you succeed or fail does not matter; what matters is that you did your best. That brings contentment to you - that whatever you could do you have done, and you have never been holding anything back. You have thrown yourself totally into the fire.

But you were not against anybody in particular. You were against a particular series of causes, which are impersonal. But millions of people are suffering because of those causes. They go on clinging, thinking that they are their heritage.

Your work of spreading my words is not to take a sword in your hand, and on the point of the sword convince people what is right. That is what Mohammedans have been doing. For fourteen centuries they have converted so many people just on the point of the sword. And obviously anybody, if the choice is between death and the change of a formal religion..

Nobody is really a Hindu and nobody is going to be really a Mohammedan - just the label is the question. Just for the label are you going to lose your life? Any man of understanding will say, “Change the label.” Millions of people became Mohammedans, not because they were convinced but because they wanted to live. And they continued to live the same way as they were living before. Mohammedanism or Hinduism are just in the air; they don’t become realities.

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